Governance Structure

In accordance with Law No. 40/2007 Chapter I on the  General Provisions  Regarding  Article  1,  The  Company’s   organs  consist of  the  General  Meeting  of  Shareholders  (GMS),  the  Board  of Commissioners, and the Board of Directors.

  • The General Meeting of Shareholders, also known as GMS, is an organ of the Company that has an authority not given to the Board of Directors or the  Board of Commissioners within the limits prescribed in the Laws and or the Articles of Association.
  • The Board of Commissioners is the Company’s organ that is responsible for general and or special supervision based on the Articles of Association, and for providing recommendations to the Board of Directors.
  • The  Board  of  Directors  is  the  Company’s  organ  that  is authorized and responsible for managing the  Company in the Company’s interest, according to the vision and mission of the Company, and to represent the Company in or out of court of law, according to the Articles of Association.