Corporate Governance

Elnusa continuously applied the principles of good corporate governance (GCG), including the principle of transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence and fairness, balanced with the development of values and corporate culture which set forth in the Code of Conduct as well as corporate culture.

The implementation of GCG at the Company aims to:

  • Control and mobilize the relation among shareholders, Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors, employee, customer, business partners, society as well as surroundings.
  • Encourage and support the development of the company.
  • Manage human resources in more trustful.
  • Manage risks better
  • Enhance accountability to the stakeholders
  • Prevent the occurrence of deviations in managing the company
  • Improve the company’s work culture
  • Enhance the corporate image to become better.

By implementing GCG consistently, Elnusa has gained various appreciations from independent institutions in various perspectives. In 2010, We have received a reward as a Trusted Company on Corporate Governance Perception Index (CGPI) award. It is an annually event conducted by Indonesia Institute for Corporate Governance (IICG) and SWA magazine with the category of assessment including the aspects of commitment, transparency, accountability, responsibility, independency, fairness, competency, leadership, ability of cooperation, the clarity of vision, mission, values, moral & ethics, strategy & corporate policy as well as culture aspects. We had participated them for three years respectively.

Approach and Step of GCG at Elnusa

Elnusa’s GCG approachment is using a GCG Strategies Map which consists of :

  1. Commitment to Governance
  2. Governance Structure
  3. Governance Mechanism
  4. Implementation Strategy
  5. Governance Outcome


Commitment on Governance is a foundation of GCG implementation, where stakeholders will be very interested especially investors. It becomes a prominent requirement to implement GCG. On the contrary, the implementation of GCG will fail if it is weak. Commitment to Governance at Elnusa can be identified from:

Formulation of Elnusa Vision & Mission which has been agreed by throughout the organ of the Corporate and carried out by all of Elnusa employees.

Formulation of values ofآ  Elnusa. It will be a foundation of moral in running the business as well as becoming a commitment of GCG implementation.

Formulation of the Code of Conduct becomes a Code of Business and Work Ethics.

Signing of Commitment Statement on GCG
Elnusa has conducted the signing of Commitment Statement periodically. It is expected to become a contract between Elnusa employees and stakeholders. It was conducted publicly and witnessed by the related parties of Elnusa.

Content of the Commitment Statement on GCG:

  1. Comply to the regulation and law of the Republic of Indonesia, Article of Association, Corporate Regulation as well as the prevailing policy and procedure at Elnusa
  2. Implement the principals of GCG (transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence, and fairness) in the decision making the process and corporate activities.
  3. Make themselves as a role model for Elnusa Employees
  4. Prioritize the company interest above private interest and group.
  5. Avoid the occurrence of Conflict of interest, Corruption as well as other activities which are prohibited.
  6. Provide a positive contribution to the development of safety, work health, environmental protection (K3LL) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).