04 November 2021

internalization AKHLAK Values at Elnusa Group

ELSANEWS - PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) and its Subsidiaries participate in implementing the core values ​​of BUMN, namely "Trust, Competent, Harmonious, Loyal, Adaptive, and Collaborative" (AKHLAK). The AKHLAK values ​​have been socialized and implemented in Elnusa and its Subsidiaries since early 2021 through several programs and events including TGIF (Talk, Grow, and Inspire on Friday) which was attended by 1950 officers, participation in the AKHLAK Values ​​campaign video competition, Serum program 135, e-learning of Moral Values, Employee Value Proposition (EVP) Surveys and surveys on the internalization of Moral Values ​​and other programs to strengthen the Moral Values ​​within Elnusa and the Group.
The programs that have been implemented are not limited to those previously mentioned. One of the other programs to encourage the internalization of the AKHLAK values ​​is the formation of an Agent of Change (AOC) team within Elnusa & Group through the Instruction of the Director of Human Resources & General Affairs of Elnusa No. 002/EN/PRT/000D/024H/2021 regarding the Team Internalization of Moral Values ​​within Elnusa & Group on March 22, 2021. On August 22, 2021, the composition of the Agent of Change Moral Values ​​team in Elnusa Group consisting of culture change champions was determined. , culture change leader, and culture change agent. Culture change champions consist of all BOD Elnusa, BOD subsidiaries, and Vice President/General Manager/Senior Manager/equivalent. The leader of cultural change is chaired by the Division of Industrial Relations and Human Capital Culture, M. Bambang Soemitro who ensures the internalization program runs well and becomes the command of the agents of cultural change number 27 Officer representing functions in Elnusa and the Group.
Since it was first formed, the AOC team has been actively meeting virtually for training and brainstorming on activities and programs that will be carried out to encourage the internalization of the AKHLAK Values. In general, three main programs are divided, namely socialization, implementation, and measurement. Starting in August 2021, AOC started to run the first program, namely the socialization of the AKHLAK Values ​​in stages to all Elnusa Officers and the Group. AOC took the initiative to hold offline and online meetings to socialize the AKHLAK Values ​​with material standards that have been prepared and according to material standards determined by the CCM Sub-holding Upstream function. The socialization was carried out directly by the AOC to the officers with the aim that all officers had the same understanding of the Moral Values ​​and it was hoped that in the future it would be easy to implement them in their daily work activities.

Until October 2021, 40 outreach events have been held at Elnusa & Group. This socialization was attended by more than 2339 officers from various functions and work areas. The AKHLAK Values ​​internalization program does not stop with just socializing, but there are still many programs that will be implemented by AOC to ensure that the AKHLAK Values ​​internalization runs smoothly within Elnusa and the Group.

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