Innovation Award

Innovation as a Solution

Upstream Improvement Innovation Award 2020

  • Platinum Award - PC Prove Tandem: Improving the Performance of the HWU EHR # 09 Rig when the Rig Up / Down by Modifying the features / design of the HWU EHR # 09 Rig with the 3 Sub Assy Combine model in the PHE OSES Project
  • Platinum Award- PC Prove Mud Doctor: Resolve the high reactivity of the shale Formation (Formasi Cibulakan Atas - Cisubuh) in drilling operations using the High Inhibite Water Base Mud method with Fin Hib in the drilling project
  • Platinum Award - FT Prove NBL-HPU: Optimizing Oil Production Capacity by Implementing Nitrogen Balance Load Hydraulic Pumping Unit (Nbl - Hpu) as an alternative method for artificial lifts for deep wells, gassy, ​​high temperature and low rates at Well Sampoerna 3, Baturaja, South Sumatra

Upstream Improvement Innovation Award 2019

  • Platinum Award - PC Prove D'Finos : Increasing the Range of Effectiveness of the Use of Oil Spill Dispersant (OSD) to Tackle Oil Spills by Engineering New beginnings "PAK-BOSD" At the Depo of PT. Elnusa Petrofin
  • Platinum Award - PC Prove Welltest: Increase Pt.Elnusa's Revenue and Optimize Client Gas Production Through Modification of Welltesting Offshore Barge with Compressor Gas Engineering Process Engineering at Pertamina Hulu MahakamProject
  • Platinum Award- PC Prove Laut Biru: Increase Modular Crane Utilization by Performing Modular Skid Beam Modular Crane on the Bekapai PHM Platform Project

Upstream Improvement Innovation Award 2018

  • Platinum Award - PC Prove Lossmen: Resolve Missing Persons in Land Seismic Survey Activities in Remote Areas by Making Personnel Monitoring System at PT ELNUSA Tbk
  • Platinum Award - PC Prove ECMA: Increasing Coaching and Mentoring Activities by Developing the ECMA Application at PT Elnusa Tbk
  • Platinum Award - PC Prove Melissa: Supporting the Increase of Company Revenue through Innovation in Utilizing Big Data Technology with Data Analysis Media Methods by Pt Patra Nusa Data, Elnusa Group

Upstream Improvement Innovation Award 2017
Platinum Award - FT Prove TD-50120D: Increase Shoot Point Drilling Productivity with Modified Tractor Drilling at PT Elnusa Tbk

PC Prove Cascus Underwater, Pertamina UIIA Yogyakarta 2016
The company received an award at the Upstream Improvement and Innovation Awards for the PC Prove Cascus Underwater team that has won the platinum category. The event was organized by Pertamina's Upstream Directorate.

Upstream Improvement and Innovation Award 2015 The
Company won seven UIIA awards from Pertamina in the Platinum and Gold categories. This award is related to product and service innovation related to the company's business.

CIP Award International Forum CIP Conference (APQC) in Shanghai The
company won awards in the Second Prize and Encouragement Prize categories related to the company's product innovation in the CIP International APQC event.