Increasing the Quality of Oil and Gas Exploration, Elnusa Uses Nodal Technology

Jakarta, April 23, 2019 – PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa), a leading company providing energy services, continues to strive to improve the quality of oil and gas exploration effectively and efficiently in Indonesia. Previously at the end of 2016, Elnusa invested Elsa Regent, an Indonesian-flagged seismic marine survey vessel equipped with 12 streamers for exploration in a wide and deep ocean area. At present, Elnusa is starting to develop seismic data acquisition using Ocean Bottom Nodes (Nodal) technology.

Director of Operation Elnusa, Arief Riyanto explained that, “The discovery of oil and gas reserves depends on the quality of seismic data produced. Seismic data acquisition using nodal will support richer data results. This is certainly good for getting a more accurate picture of the underground structure and better character of the reservoir. “

Nodal has four sensor components with the advantage of being able to capture more types of seismic waves. The addition of this technology is to complement the capabilities of Elnusa in seismic data acquisition services both on land, transition zones and the sea, according to the required data requirements. Another nodal advantage in oil and gas exploration is that it can be used independently, does not require autonomous recording, and can be adapted to various exploration needs.

“The development of this capability certainly completes Elnusa’s capabilities in seismic data acquisition services. With increased capability and more than 45 years of experience, we are confident that we can support the improvement of national capacity, “Arief added.

Elnusa has begun using nodals in the transition zone seismic surveys in the South West Matindok and South East Senoro Blocks. The survey activities for the two blocks were completed on time in December 2018 and March 2019. With various nodal advantages, the oil and gas exploration survey proved to be more effective and efficient.

“Acquisition of nodal seismic data has not been done in Indonesia. Elnusa is one of the pioneers in the use of this technology. With this new capability, Elnusa is one of the most comprehensive capabilities of land and sea seismic data acquisition services in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.” Close Arief. ***