16 June 2020

Increasing Covid-19 Precautions, Elnusa Holds Emergency Response

Jakarta, June 16, 2020 – PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa), a leading provider of energy services, is raising awareness of the spread of Covid-19 infection by conducting Covid-19 emergency response in Graha Elnusa. This emergency response is mitigation of Covid-19 infection from the return of work activities in Graha Elnusa, Jakarta, since 8 June.

Head of Corporate Communications, Wahyu Irfan said “In this Covid-19 emergency response exercise, we made a scenario as possible. So that both workers and the existing emergency response team are accustomed to the quick response to handling this. “

The Covid-19 emergency response simulation at Graha Elnusa presents workers who act as patients and is showing symptoms of Covid-19 to faint in one of the floor lobbies. The patient was immediately evacuated to the isolation shelter for an initial health examination by the Internal Medical Team and was immediately transported to the hospital for further examination. The simulation was carried out by Elnusa Workers who were back in offices, building tenants, Elnusa emergency response teams including medical personnel, the building team and disinfectant officers.

“In the new normal era and starting to work again in the office as it is today, every employee is expected to increase their awareness and awareness. So if there is an indication of the symptoms of Covid-19 in workers or visitors of Graha Elnusa, we are ready to do the handling protocol. “

In addition to emergency response, Elnusa has also implemented a variety of new normal protocols. This includes mapping workers to return to the office, preparation of work areas, socialization of new normal protocols such as having to use a master, getting used to washing hands and so on, to conducting rapid tests of workers before returning to office.

“We hope that through these efforts, we can contribute to the end of the Covid-19 infection chain in Elnusa,” Wahyu concluded. ***

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