02 September 2022

Inclusive Education for Children with Special Needs, Elnusa Goes to Special School

Jakarta, September 2, 2022 - PT Elnusa Tbk (ELSA) held Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities as part of the Company's 53rd Anniversary Celebration. The activity entitled One Elnusa Sharing Ceria (SEBAR) held one of the activities through “Elnusa Goes to Special School” on Wednesday, August 31, 2022 at BC Nur Abadi Special School, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta.

The SEBAR activity was attended by the Director of Business Development of Elnusa, Ratih Esti Prihatini and the management of Elnusa. The activity involved Elnusa officers from various cross-functional groups and subsidiaries as volunteers to play together and hold inspirational classes with students at SLB BC Nur Abadi.

The activity began with a speech by the Director of Business Development Ratih and continued with the handover of the symbol of cash assistance and school supplies which were received directly by the Principal of SLB BC Nur Abadi, Drs. Syam Hartati and the teachers.

Elnusa's Director of Business Development, Ratih Esti Prihatini In her speech said "This SEBAR 'Goes to Special School' activity is a series and form of gratitude for Elnusa's 53rd Anniversary which falls on September 9, 2022. The presence of Elnusa Management and Officers certainly has a mission to improve the quality of life with the pillars of Education. Especially for an Extraordinary School that has special children to nurture.” Ratih added.

“These special children have dreams and aspirations. Of course, we can achieve this with the involvement of various parties. Don't waste the dreams of these children, because their dreams will bring changes to their lives and those of those closest to them." Ratih said.

Inclusive education in Indonesia is a form of embodiment of the right to education for children with special needs, in order to get a decent life. This is implemented by Elnusa in running its business to provide work opportunities for people with disabilities, this is clear evidence of the support and implementation of company rules that refer to Law No. 8 of 2016 concerning Persons with Disabilities.

Meanwhile, on the same occasion, the Principal of SLB BC Nur Abadi, Drs. Syam Hartati also expressed his deepest gratitude to Elnusa for providing assistance. Tati added that Elnusa's presence at SLB brought joy to the students.

In the activity, the students of SLB BC Nur Abadi performed the Betawi dance. In addition, the activities were filled with inspirational classes through various games ranging from group gymnastics, playing puzzles, and other interesting games that were brought by Elnusa Officers volunteers and attended by 65 students with special needs.

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