30 August 2022

Improving Security Martial Skills, Elnusa Held Karate Belt Promotion Exam

Jakarta, August 30, 2022 – In an effort to improve self-defense skills and abilities, competence as well as to form a mental and security personality that is honest, firm, polite and tough, a number of 52 members of Elnusa Security took the belt promotion exam which was held at the Graha Elnusa Futsal Field, South Jakarta. When the exam took place on Saturday (27/08), participants carried out a number of stages which were tested directly by the leadership board of the East Jakarta branch of INKAI and the Kopassus Karate Affiliate Dojo.

This karate martial arts training program has been running since January 2022 while still implementing the Covid-19 health protocol. Through this activity, it is hoped that the security team will also have the ability to defend themselves in good faith and always have excellent physical condition to support the smooth running of the Company's main security tasks. It is also hoped that with this activity the Security Team will also be able to control and defend themselves in the event of a threat or attack from another party.

Also attending the agenda were VP HSSE Elnusa, Ramon Arias Pili and Manager of Security Elnusa, Rudi Harmanto. The event lasted about 4 hours, which started from morning to noon today went safely and smoothly.

Of the 52 participants who took the exam, there were 48 participants who rose to the yellow belt while the other 4 succeeded and showed achievements by increasing to 2 levels of belts, namely green belts. The green belt was awarded by Elnusa VP HSSE Ramon Arias Pili and the yellow belt was awarded by Elnusa Manager of Security Rudi Harmanto

VP HSSE Elnusa Ramon Arias Pili in his remarks expressed his gratitude to the test team from the East Jakarta Branch of the Inkai Council and the Kopassus karate affiliate Dojo who had tested the increase in the Security Team's belt. “I congratulate the participants who have won the promotion of yellow and green belts. Keep the spirit in practicing to face the material and the next stage of the exam. Hopefully with this karate self-defense ability, the Elnusa Security Team will be more skilled, tough and professional as well as increase confidence in carrying out company security duties." said Ramon.

At the same time, Elnusa's Manager of Security Rudi Harmanto who is also the administrator of the Elnusa branch also expressed his gratitude to the Kopassus karate affiliate Dojo team who had persistently trained the Security Team so that today's karate belt training and exam could be held properly.

By holding the Karate belt promotion event, it is hoped that it can encourage enthusiasm, quality, character and a strong sense of self-confidence for the Elnusa Security Team in carrying out the mandate given by the company.

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