19 August 2020

Improving GCG Implementation, Elnusa Achieves SMAP Certification

Jakarta, 18 August 2020 – PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa), a national energy service provider company, consistently implements Good Corporate Governance (GCG) in carrying out company activities. This was proven by obtaining the SNI ISO 37001: 2016 Anti-Bribery Management System (SMAP) certification from the international certification body SGS Indonesia (12/08). Obtaining this certification is a form of Elnusa’s compliance in running a professional business and as an effort to prevent potential bribery that may occur in the work environment.

Based application of the SNI ISO 37001: 2016 will serve as a guide for Elnusa to be able to implement and continue to improve the SMAP compliance program with the aim of taking initial steps to prevent, detect, and overcome bribery.

The President Director of Elnusa, Ali Mundakir, in the ceremony of submitting ISO 37001: 2016 certification which was carried out online said, “This is our commitment to running a business with the principles of good corporate governance. The challenge now is how Elnusa can apply SMAP in daily business. We are trying to build an island of integrity in Elnusa and at the same time, we hope that other business entities will also build the same island of integrity in their environment. Thus in the future this system can be interconnected between business entities so as to build a very fair business environment. “

Ali also expressed his gratitude to all Elnusa employees who have carried out good business procedures, and provided document procedures as proof that Elnusa is worthy of being able to receive this certification.
This certification is also a tangible manifestation of Elnusa’s support as a subsidiary of Pertamina which is one of the BUMNs in Indonesia for efforts to prevent corruption, as well as following up on the Circular of the Minister of BUMN Number SE-2 / MBU / 07/2019 concerning Clean Management of BUMN through Collusion Prevention Implementation, Corruption and Nepotism (KKN) and Handling Conflicts of Interest and Incrase Internal Control.

Elnusa’s management fully supports the coordination of the SMAP and forms a team of the Anti-Bribery, Ethics and GCG Compliance Function (FUKAPEG) on May 20, 2020. The FUKAPEG team is tasked with strengthening Elnusa’s commitment to ethics and compliance programs through the implementation of appropriate policies and procedures, training, and communication.

“Obtaining this certification is not the end of the anti-bribery system that Elnusa has implemented, but this is a new chapter, especially in the business environment where Elnusa operate’s. We are committed to continuing to do business with the principles of good corporate governance and I hope this will improve the investment climate in Indonesia ”. Concluded Ali

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