14 November 2023

IDX Channel Visits Elnusa to Explore the Potential for Business Outlook in 2024

Jakarta - November 14 2023, PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) held a strategic meeting with IDX Channel, a leading media in the world of Indonesian financial markets. This meeting took place in the BoD Meeting Room of the Graha Elnusa Building on November 10 2023. This meeting aims to discuss the potential for business development to face challenges and opportunities in 2024.

In this meeting, representatives from Elnusa were attended by Elnusa Finance Director Bachtiar Soeria Atmadja, Elnusa Corporate Secretary Asmal Salam, and the entire Corporate Secretary Team who were also present. The IDX Channel was attended by Chief Operation Officer Masirom, VP Sales & Marketing Rina Ridson, and Executive Producer Yanto Kusdiantono.

Elnusa together with IDX Channel explored various potential business aspects. IDX Channel as a media that actively disseminates information regarding the development of Public Issuers certainly sees Elnusa as one of the Issuers which currently has quite impressive performance.

Elnusa Finance Director Bachtiar Soeria Atmadja said "We are very enthusiastic about looking forward to 2024 with the performance achieved this year. Elnusa will focus on innovation, operational efficiency and achieving long-term business goals," said Bachtiar.

Bachtiar added, "we believe that optimal performance will provide positive benefits for our stakeholders and, in turn, increase our contribution in supporting national economic growth." concluded Bachtiar.

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