11 January 2021

HWU Drilling EHR 12 Elnusa Innovation, Successfully Supports New Well Drilling in Mahakam Block

Jakarta, 11 January 2021 - PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa), opens a new chapter in 2021 by supporting new well drilling activities in Mahakam Block for Pertamina Hulu Mahakam. Elnusa in this work uses the Hydraulic Workover Unit (HWU) Drilling EHR-12 which is fabricated independently, so that it can replace the role of the Jack up Rig in new well drilling activities. HWU is generally used for reworking old wells so as to increase productivity again. 

The drilling work using HWU EHR-12 will last for three months and has a drilling target of five wells. To date, Elnusa has successfully completed drilling the first well at a depth of 1215 meters, within 19 days. 

VP of Well Construction and Intervention Pertamina Hulu Mahakam, Fata Yunus said "This success is the result of the synergy of Pertamina's subsidiaries, PHM and Elnusa who are consistently passionate about developing innovation and making their best contribution in maintaining national oil and gas production amid the COVID-19 pandemic." 

"The solid collaboration between PHM and Elnusa, starting from the design, equipment fabrication and execution so that the HWU Drilling project is successfully carried out safely," he said.

Furthermore, Fata added, "PHM gives its greatest appreciation to all teams and partners involved, for their good cooperation, especially to Elnusa as the executor of the work, and has succeeded in opening up great opportunities in the future with new technological breakthrough efforts to unlock oil reserves. and gas in the Mahakam working area. " 

Meanwhile, Elnusa's Director of Operations & Business Development - Arief Riyanto said “Elnusa is grateful for this trust. The use of HWU for drilling on new wells is the first to be carried out in Indonesia. In contrast to several other countries, drilling with HWU Drilling is generally carried out to carry out further well drilling. We hope that this drilling innovation can further encourage efforts to increase oil and gas production at Pertamina and Indonesia. "

Throughout the journey from the beginning to the present, Elnusa has proven its commitment through the aspects of safety, quality, timeliness of work and also operational performance that can reduce the duration and lowering drilling costs in the hope that in the future more wells will be drilled with more profitable economic value. In addition, the main thing is to maintain the Covid-19 health protocol during work. 

"With Elnusa's proven superior HSSE performance, Elnusa believes it will be more stable. and being able to provide the best service with a total solution and of course this can also help open up new opportunities for Elnusa to create a new market that is large enough to help Pertamina, non-Pertamina and the Government to achieve performance in oil and gas production. " Concluded Arief.

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