HSSE Perfomance

Health Safety Security and Environment (HSSE)

1. Implementation of the K3 Program in All Operations Areas This program is the Company's commitment to ensuring zero fatality and excellent K3 performance in every area of operations. This work is done by:

  • Implement and develop a work safety and work program that refers to the company's plans & targets, management systems, client requirements and applicable laws,
  • Carrying out OHS campaigns, induction, competency training and other OHS support programs,
  • Monitor and ensure the implementation of OHS operations in accordance with the Company's OHS management standards, and
  • Run, supervise, coordinate and prepare the facilities and infrastructure and human resources needed to support the implementation of the K3 work program.

To ensure the fulfillment of OSH aspects for workers, the Company also confirms this commitment in Company Regulations (PP). Compliance with K3 aspects for workers is listed in PP Chapter VI Article 32 to Article 45, or 20% of all articles contained in PP. This is a form of compliance and commitment to OHS which is a joint responsibility of both management and employees.

2. Develop OHS Performance Monitoring System The Company has developed an integrated online system for monitoring operational and OSH performance. In this system the K3 performance of the Company and its subsidiaries has been well monitored through the performance dashboard.

3. Implementation of a Contractor Safety Management System (CSMS). This system is a mandatory standard to be fulfilled by the Company's business partners with work risks at medium - high level. Through this system, the Company conducts an assessment and improvement of the work partners' K3 performance before starting work. This is to ensure that the work partners are fit to do the work and support the achievement of the Company's HSE performance targets.

4. K3 Competency Training The Company conducts training for all employees to support the application of K3. The topic of compulsory training attended by employees includes basic safety training and basic first aid. Other mandatory training is OHS management based on ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 level of management and operations personnel.

5. Integrated Crisis Management. The Company integrates all related functions in HSE crisis management as a form of emergency response to speed up the handling process by focusing on the Crisis Management Center.

6. Health Services and Medical Evacuation Handling The Company cooperates with external clinics to provide medical services and medical evacuation handling for all Elnusa employees. This clinic also functions in monitoring the implementation of routine employee health checks.

7. Regular and Periodical Health Examinations. The Company is committed to implementing routine medical check-ups to minimize the risk of work accidents due to health factors. The program is also monitored directly by the follow-up by Elnusa Clinic and health monitoring of personnel in need. This program is the Company's commitment stated in the Company Regulations to always check the health of its employees and minimize the risk of work accidents due to health factors.

8. Standardization of OHS Management of Subsidiaries The Company aligns the Company's OHS standards with its Subsidiaries to improve the implementation of the consolidated OHS standards. This effort is implemented by carrying out audits both procedures and their implementation in the area of operations. This audit is carried out routinely every year.

9. Integrated Management System Audit The Company adopted the Integrated Management System (IMS), which consists of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001:2018 in standardizing integrated management. This audit aims to improve compliance and compliance with OHS standards.

10. Stop Work Authority This program is giving authority to employees, work partners, customers, and guests to stop work activities if they find unsafe conditions or actions in an ongoing work. The form of implementation is to provide a work stoppage card (SWA Card) for each individual who visits the Company's work environment.