23 September 2021

Get to Know Drilling Exploration in Elnusa with University of Pertamina

Jakarta, 23 September 2021 - PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) through Elnusa Petroleum School (EPS) held a "Virtual Company Visit" event for students of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists Student Chapter of Pertamina University (AAPGSCUP) (18/9). This program was aimed to add new competencies and knowledge in the industrial world, especially in the oil and gas industry, and become a means of student self-development in applying lecture materials in the company.

The Theme: "Get to Know Drilling Exploration in Elnusa" was attended by 116 participants from students of Petroleum Engineering and the Geological Engineering University of Pertamina. 

There were 2 speakers in this webinar, Erwin Ariyanto as Technical Expert of Mud Engineer Elnusa who conveyed about Elnusa's performance in drilling exploration. Perwira Elnusa has successfully built the EHR (Elnusa Hydraulic Rig) 340K HWU unit which was a Hydraulic Workover Unit system modified with tubular and installed vertically in a double mount. This tool is used as support equipment for the re-activity of oil and gas wells and became the first HWU in Indonesia for drilling shallow wells.

The next session presented by Devon Pratya as Mud Engineer Elnusa conveyed about milestones drilling fluids from 2001 to the present for Pertamina Group in several zones. 27 wells have been completed using the Elnusa HIWBM sludge system which is faster and more economical in terms of cost-efficiency. HIWBM / KCL Polyamine Mud was an innovation of the mud brand system that Elnusa has. This innovation is Elnusa's highest achievement in the Annual Pertamina (APQ) Awards forum. We hope the active contribution of Perwira Elnusa always be an inspiration and new energy in innovating.

As a Leading Energy Services Company that Provides Total Solutions, Elnusa has a CSR program that is divided into 4 pillars, namely: Education, Health, Environment, and Community Empowerment. One of the pillars in the field of education, Elnusa is currently holding the Elnusa Leader's Sharing & Action (ELSA) program. ELSA is a program to share knowledge and experience with students in universities which is also one of the CSR activities in Elnusa's 52nd-anniversary series and Elnusa's support of the policy agenda of the Minister of Education and Culture (Mendikbud) namely 'Merdeka Belajar, Merdeka Campus'.

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