Geophysics Survey Marine

Comprehensive Survey Solution

Geophysics Survey Marine is Elnusa’s solution offering the latest and comprehensive technology. Geophysics Survey Marine is a service that identifies and finds possible constraints and dangers of geological conditions under the sea floor as well as nd underwater topography, debris / hazard including:

  • Shipwrecks / metal
  • Identification and marking of marine minefield areas
  • Underwater pipe or cable lines
  • Wellhead platform / underwater / anchor
  • Industrial structure
  • Rock outcrop
  • Seabed Trench
  • Ridge / oceanic crust
  • Debris
  • Jack-up rig trail
  • Individual slope and slope edge
  • Seabed scars
  • Anchor condition
  • Reflective sonar seabed conditions
  • Potential sensitive habitats such as corals and the like

The scope of the service includes identifying and discovering potential pockets of shallow gas or natural gas, and all potential of seismic anomalies under the seabed.