Pioneering 3D Geomechanical Studies in Indonesia

Elnusa is one of the pioneers of 3D Geomechanical Studies in Indonesia that integrate seismic data, logs and various drilling parameters. Geomechanics in relation to the stability of boreholes is an important element to minimize the occurrence of downtime due to borehole stability problems. Elnusa has the comprehensive knowledge of rock mechanics and analysis to determine safe mud weight and optimal drilling well trajectory determination. The scope of this activity includes the assessment of the mechanical and physical properties of the subsurface rocks and their implications for monitoring the area around the well, the entire reservoir layer, and the caprock. Our experience includes Geomechanical Analysis for Well Stability Analysis in Karangkompleks Field, Geomechanical Analysis for Parang-01 Prognosis Exploration Well,  Simulation of Geomechanical Coupling Reservoir for Waterflood Optimization in Lapangan Rantau, and Advance Optical Geomechanical Chrono-Thermo-Poroelastic & BBS-09 & BBS-10 Trajectory. Elnusa is one of the pioneers in working on the Advance Geomechanics (Non-Linear Geomechanic) project in Indonesia.