Formatting Data

Latest & Integrated Technology

Formatting Data is Elnusa’s solution to support the industry players, especially those engaged in Oil and Gas, and Geology sectors. The solution is a media replacement of physical-digital data storage based on the latest information and technology developments. The scope of the service includes the renewal of media, which is the replacement of old media with new media so as to maintain its readability according to applicable standards. The advantages of Formatting Data services are having an integrated storage area, as well as changing the online storage and monitoring the media regardless of the time and whereabouts. Not only does the service accommodate the petroleum technical data, but it also supports documents and supporting functions, which can also be transferred from physical documents (hard paper) to digital with formats such as pdf, jpg, and so on. This service has been used by Pertamina, British Petroleum, Elnusa, Total, ConocoPhillips, Medco, Exxon, and Chevron Pacific Indonesia.