Fishing, Milling & Thru Tubing Services

Elnusa senantiasa berkomitmen untuk menyediakan peralatan dan teknologi dengan dukungan sumber daya manusia yang terlatih guna melakukan pekerjaan secara profesional.

Elnusa is committed to providing equipment and technology with the support of trained human resources to complete the job professionally. Elnusa provides a solution through fishing services by restoring wells from equipment that can halt the drilling operation, re-entry on workover operations due to the lack of well production and well recovery services without Thru Tubing Service. The scope of the service includes fishing equipment left in the well, restoring casing/tubing condition, and production support equipment installation on the tubing. Our past clients that have used this service are PEP Asset 1, PEP Asset 2, and PEP Asset 3.