Commitment and Policy Related to

Fair Operations

The Company is committed to always carrying out fair operating practices. This practice is based on that as a business entity the Company must be professional in producing products and services, upholding integrity in conducting its business, having awareness to create a fair business competition climate, respecting copyright and being aware of compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Through these steps, the Company seeks to implement fair operating practices. As the foundation of this practice are applicable laws and regulations, internal policies, and various industry & international standards. As a follow up to its commitment, the Company developed various supporting policies. These policies are stated in company regulations, code of conduct, and other documents. In addition, the Company also establishes whistleblowing systems to facilitate complaints if there are violations.

The Company guarantees that all interested parties receive fair treatment in accordance with the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations. The Company implements operational activities by taking into account the rights of the stakeholders so as to create a harmonious relationship and realize a balance of the interests of all stakeholders.