Explore Multi-Client Seismic Opportunities, Elnusa Signed Cooperation with TGS

Jakarta, 12 September 2019 - PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa), a national energy service provider, explores collaboration with various companies to strengthen service competencies and expand its market share. This time, Elnusa cooperates with TGS – NOPEC Geophysical Company (TGS), a Norwegian company which is engaged in providing geoscience data worldwide. This collaboration is one of several new business opportunity explorations initiated by Elnusa and signed at Elnusa’s birthday celebration on 9 September 2019.

Elnusa’s Director of Operations, Arief Riyanto stated that, “The purpose of this collaboration is to combine each other’s resources so that it further enlarges opportunities to achieve multicultural projects in the national, regional and international regions. This multi-client scheme is one of the solutions we offer to stimulate the country’s upstream oil and gas exploration activities. Mainly in gross split work areas and offshore areas that have not yet been explored. “

Today, Elnusa is an energy service company with the best competence, technology and experience in Indonesia. Elnusa has carried out a variety of seismic survey services since 1972 and has established itself as a service company with the widest area coverage in Indonesia, including land, transition zones, and the sea. Elnusa’s seismic survey service competence has been recognized abroad. One of them is a seismic marine survey on the Indochina Peninsula for SOCO Exploration (Vietnam) Ltd. Whereas TGS is a provider of initial study data and has a potential multi-client exploration network.

Arief added, “This collaboration is a form of trust of each party to expand its market share. Elnusa is trusted as a seismic survey service provider company that is competent in its field. While TGS plays a role in conducting studies or preliminary studies for prospective areas in open areas. “

Through this scheme, KKKS do not need to incur full seismic survey costs. But it can be obtained jointly with other KKKS by obtaining a license to use survey data that has already been carried out. “Surely this is more beneficial for various parties. We hope that this effort will appeal to KKKS, as well as get the full support of the Government of Indonesia, “concluded Arief. *