15 September 2022

Encouraging Tank Car Fleet Safety and Innovation, Elnusa Petrofin Board of Director Held Discussion

Jakarta, 15 September 2022 – As a leading downstream oil and gas service company, which has a main business in the field of Fleet Management, the security and safety of drivers, vehicles and cargo is very crucial. For this reason, PT Elnusa Petrofin, a subsidiary of PT Elnusa Tbk (ELSA) carried out a visit to Hino Motors Sales Indonesia in the second week of September 2022.

The meeting which was held directly at the PT Hino Motors Sales Indonesia Headquarters discussed various innovations for the tanker fleet and its drivers in an effort to improve the safety and driving safety factor, especially vehicles carrying fuel oil (BBM) cargo.

The visit was attended by the President Director of PT Elnusa Petrofin, Aditya Budi Prabowo, along with the BOD and the management of Elnusa Petrofin, as well as the President Director of PT Hino Motors Sales Indonesia, Mr. Masato Uchida and BOD and Hino Motors Sales Indonesia Management.

Aditya expressed his appreciation for the holding of this discussion and hoped that in the future he could immediately carry out the development of trucks or fleets equipped with technology that can prevent accidents due to human limitations. As well as driver training and necessary fleet maintenance," Aditya said.

Elnusa Petrofin always ensures that the fleet units used by both assets and those in operation meet high standards to minimize incidents. This is to support PT Pertamina Patra Niaga, Sub Holding Commercial & Trading (C&T) PT Pertamina (Persero) in meeting energy needs in Indonesia. The EPN management also ensures that the entire fleet and its drivers (tank car crew) are regularly monitored closely.

Mr. Masato Uchida also expressed his gratitude for the visit of Elnusa Petrofin Management. Hino Motors Sales Indonesia also hopes to always be at the forefront of keeping the customer's fleet in good condition. “We would like to thank Elnusa Petrofin for entrusting its operational fleet to Hino Motors Sales Indonesia. We will always provide services so that Elnusa Petrofin's operations can run well," said Masato Uchida.

In the meeting, Hino Motors Sales Indonesia also gave appreciation in the form of VIP Customers to Elnusa Petrofin. This VIP Customer appreciation is given to loyal and selected customers based on several parameters. Such as the number of units owned, to the track record of using routine fleet services to ensure the condition of the fleet is always in prime condition. As a VIP Customer member, EPN gets several benefits, such as the provision of a service planner to plan the task list and all car maintenance. This service planner will then be placed in the EPN workshop as needed. In addition, Hino Sales Motors Indonesia also provides free emergency support both weekdays and weekends if there are obstacles or breakdowns experienced by the EPN Tank Car on the road.

From an operational perspective, to create a reliable and professional fleet and drivers, Hino Motors Sales Indonesia gives priority to EPN to carry out Certified Driver Training, both mandatory training, scheduled training, and training that is aligned with the company's internal needs. Also supports the maintenance of Elnusa Petrofin workshops in most EPN locations in Indonesia. In addition, Hino also provides demand forecasts, which will facilitate the fulfillment of these needs, given the demand for fleet spare parts.

With the holding of this discussion, it is hoped that the synergies that exist can realize operational excellence for both parties. Also improve safety and security, especially in the Fleet of tank cars.

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