Praktik Ketenagakerjaan, Kesehatan, dan Keselamatan Kerja

Corporate Social Responsibility towards Employment, Occupational Health and Safety

Sound industrial relations between the Company and all employees is key in supporting the achievement of various targets of the Company. Implementation of corporate social responsibility policies related to labor practices is the Company's responsibility towards employees as internal stakeholders. This implementation includes the best practices for managing labor, the balance between work and personal life, as well as equal rights and employment opportunities.

The Company puts occupational health and safety as central focus points in each of its operational activities. This is a commitment of the Company to mitigate and minimize the risk of accidents, illness or absenteeism that can occur among employees, customers, work partners or other stakeholders.

In addition to labor practices, the Company also strives for the best occupational health and safety mitigation practices for its employees. This commitment includes mitigation and minimization of the risk of accidents, illness or work absences that can occur to employees, customers, business partners or other stakeholders.

The Company’s commitment to put priority on the occupational health and safety aspects in its operations is known as “PUT 5M”. This places health and safety as

  1. its main priority for each activity,
  2. a measure for assessing the quality of its work and its workers, and
  3. the responsibility of management and all workers. In order to ensure the implementation of PUT, the Company makes use of the following Quality, Health, Safety, Security, & Environment (QHSE) policies:
  • Implementing QHSSE standards that are in line with prevailing laws and regulations, customer requirements and industry standards.
  • Preparing competent and professional organizations and human resources.
  • Using appropriate technology and work facilities that meet QHSSE standards.
  • Establishing, measuring, auditing and reporting on QHSSE performance in order to make continuous improvements.
  • Eliminating hazards and minimizing health, safety and environmental risks, and preventing pollution and losses due to company activities by carrying out continuous repairs

The Company’s policy for mitigating work-related risks is to continue implementing its previous policies, namely, its 9 HSE Golden Rules and its Elnusa Zero Tolerance, in all of its operational activities in the work environment of Elnusa Group. This policy applies to all levels of the organization.