18 November 2021

ELSA Shares Knowledge to Become Innovators Corporate in the World

Jakarta, November 18, 2021 - PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) shares knowledge and experience in developing innovation to Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) students online (11/11). Through the 'Elnusa Leader's Sharing & Action' (ELSA) event, Elnusa carries the theme "Becoming an Innovator in the World of Work". On this agenda, Elnusa presented 2 competent speakers in their fields, namely Team Leader Corp. Innovation Incubator, Novrizal and Senior Manager of Elnusa Petroleum School, Hanggara Hardiansyah.

The event which lasted for 2 hours was warmly welcomed by the Head of the Center for Entrepreneurship Career Development and Alumni Relations Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) - Prof. Dr. Elly Munadziroh drg., MS. In her speech, Elly revealed that the theme raised was in line with UNAIR's mission. “We want to bring our students into the world of work with competencies as expected, namely UNAIR graduate students to become entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs, namely to become entrepreneurs or work full of innovation and creativity. That is our hope.” said Elly.

The two speakers at the ELSA event delivered material alternately. The first session of material was presented by Hanggara Hardiansyah as Senior Manager of Elnusa Petroleum School. In his material, Hanggara explained that the various challenges that came, including the pandemic, greatly affected all aspects. These conditions forced Elnusa to change in order to continue to survive and continue to grow, so that innovation and improvement are absolutely necessary for the business to survive.

Hanggara said that by sharing experiences in the industrial world, students can get an idea of ​​how to face challenges in the future. As stated in the material entitled "Key to Survive: Improve & Innovate". According to him, the industrial revolution that continues to roll must be addressed with changes, transformations or adaptations. "Companies that survive are not the biggest and strongest companies, but companies that are able to respond to changes quickly." concluded Hanggara.

Furthermore, the second material was delivered by Novrizal as Team Leader Corp. Innovation Incubator. Novrizal said that innovators must exist in the world of work and almost every place has innovators. He also explained that when we choose the type of work, whether entrepreneurship or working in a corporate, both must be innovators. However, in this case, innovators in the world of work are needed to increase competence and are needed by the company.

In the same session Novrizal added, "Innovation plays an important role and Innovation is the answer in implementing the transformation process." Novrizal explained. He also explained that at Elnusa currently there are 2 facilities that accommodate, namely AGNI, an Elnusa corporate innovation program that aims to produce new products with the incubation method and acceleration of employee ideas and the Continuous Improvement Program (CIP) which supports the competence and skills of officers. increase in order to improve performance in the company.

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