29 November 2021

ELSA : Managing the Potential of the Millennial Generation

Jakarta, November 29, 2021 - PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) again held Elnusa Leader's Sharing & Action (ELSA) which has entered session 13 with the academic community of Universitas Padjadjaran (UNPAD) on Thursday (25/11) virtually. This event is a CSR Responsibility Activity for the education sector. This series of sharing events was carried out by the Directors and Management of Elnusa Group which aims to share insights with students who are expected to provide an overview and initial provision as preparation for entering the world of work.

This event has the theme "Managing the Potential of the Millennial Generation". Through this theme, it becomes a momentum to spread enthusiasm to the younger generation in working in the company. This time, ELSA presented the Director of Operations of PT Elnusa Fabrication Construction, a subsidiary of PT Elnusa Tbk, Dani Zaenal Mutaqin to give a speech and share quotes containing "Don't be afraid to give assignments to young talents, because the results can be extraordinary".

The event which was attended by 177 participants consisted of students and the general public. The event was also attended by Dr. Boy Josep Cahya Sunan Sakti Syah Alam, MT as Director of Student Affairs and Alumni Relations of Padjadjaran University. Boy thanked him for the sharing and he hoped that in the future there would be other learning opportunities for students.

In the sharing session, Dani as Operations Director of PT Elnusa Fabrication Construction, a subsidiary of PT Elnusa Tbk said that most of the Gen Y (Millennials) have entered the world of work. "For now at PT Elnusa Fabrication Construction, there are 80% of the managers up to the General Manager (GM) occupied by the Millennial Generation." Clear Danny. So this shows that millennials have a great opportunity to pursue a career in a company.

Dani also explained that there are several challenges in managing Millennial Generation Resources. "We must anticipate these things, such as accommodating input from millennials, implementing freedom based on clear parameters, providing motivation & using technology," he explained. He believes that millennials can bring company growth, but they must be supported by company policies.

Present as the second speaker of this edition of ELSA, Chief of Internal Audit of PT Elnusa Tbk, Ganang Soegiyarso added ways to manage Generations Y and Z, among others, using high digital literacy, applying flexibility to work arrangements such as implementing a hybrid work model, supporting every work that results. carried out by millennials, encouraging teamwork to improve the company culture. On the other hand, Ganang added that current technological developments need to be watched out, not to use technology inappropriately and become our weak point.

Then this event was continued with a question and answer session, then closed with an interactive quiz with prizes and participants who attended received an E-Certificate of Elnusa Leader's Sharing & Action.

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