28 November 2019

Elnusa Won Three Awards at Top Digital Award 2019

PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) won three awards at the Top Digital Awards 2019 organized by ItWorks magazine at the Golden Ballroom of The Sultan Hotel Jakarta, Wednesday (11/27/2019). Top Digital Award 2019 carries the theme “Digital Transformation for National Economic Competitiveness”. Elnusa as a newcomer won three award categories, namely Top Digital Implementation 2019 in the Energy & Mining Sector #Level Star 4, Top Digital Transformation Readiness 2019 and Top Leader on Digital Implementation 2019 for Elnusa’s President Director, Elizar Parlindungan Hasibuan.

Top Digital Award 2019 event is the 6th, since it was first approved in 2014. The award event was attended by 200 companies and the best companies recommended by IT experts. Evaluation and winners are carried out objectively and independently by a panel of judges who have the background of experts in the IT field.

Chairman of the 2019 Digital Award, M Lutfi Handayani said “The 2019 Top Digital Award is an award and award event for Corporations and Government Institutions (K / L) supported in terms of implementation and utilization. Digital technology to improve competitiveness and competitiveness, or which have a positive impact on national development.

Top Digital Award 2019 also works with several TELCO IT associations, such as the Asosiasi Perusahaan Konsultan Telematika Indonesia (ASPEKTI), Ikatan Konsultan TI Indonesia (IKTII) and several other IT and TELCO associations also supported by the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo) and the Council National ICT (Wantiknas).

Through this award that was won by Elnusa, it became clear evidence that Elnusa successfully utilized information communication technology (ICT) well in conducting business processes in Elnusa. While in the nomination stage, Elnusa has gone through the Judging process by providing fulfillment through filling out questionnaires and interviewing several aspects of the implementation and utilization of the benefits of Digital Technology in improving performance, competitiveness and customer service.

The award was received directly by Elnusa’s Managing Director, Elizar P Hasibuan, “This award proves that IT management in Elnusa has been going well, and explained this in accordance with the development of digital transformation in. More about that, Elnusa will continue to increase more leverage in presenting Total Solution Services with added value digitalization. “*

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