23 November 2019

Elnusa Won 9 Awards at The Forum Hulu Pertamina 2019

PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) won eight awards at the 2019 Upstream Forum event held by PT Pertamina (Persero), at ICE-BSD, Tangerang, Friday (11/22). The forum, which was held on Wednesday (11/20), is a merger of two major activities at Pertamina’s Upstream Directorate in the previous year, namely the Forum Sharing Teknologi Hulu (FSTH) and the Upstream Innovation & Improvement Awards (UIIA). The theme this time is “Pushing Resources Progression Through Technology Innovation and Improvement for Sustainability”.

The event which featured a panel discussion and competition was participated by all Pertamina’s upstream subsidiaries. Elnusa’s Managing Director, Elizar P Hasibuan in the panel discussion explained, “The current condition of the Indonesian oil and gas industry is full of challenges. There are at least three major challenges faced, namely the decline in oil and gas production, low world oil prices, and high risk of operations. To deal with this, a management paradigm transformation is needed. Four things that need to be done are to establish transparency of communication and exchange current information, involve service companies in life cycle project discussions, develop flexible contract models, and continuous collaboration.

Besides, these four points of change need to be supported through legal improvements and enhancement of digital capabilities. “We believe that Indonesia will be able to conduct better and more sustainable oil and gas management if every stakeholder is committed to making a paradigm shift,” Elizar added.

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