30 September 2020

Elnusa Wins the Best Oil & Gas Exploration Services Company Award at the IAGI Exploration Award 2020

Jakarta, 30 September 2020 - PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) won an appreciation from the Indonesian Geologists Association (IAGI) at the IAGI Exploration Award 2020 to coincide with its 60th Anniversary IAGI, Tuesday (29/09). The IAGI Exploration Award 2020 is the first IAGI event to give awards to companies engaged in the energy and mineral resources sector for their achievements in the exploration of the earth / natural resources in Indonesia. 

Chairman of IAGI, Sukmandaru Prihatmoko said, "The most essential objective of exploration is inventory so that the country can set a strategy for its use in the future. Therefore IAGI plays an active role by providing input to the government and industry so that the exploration of geological resources can continue to increase. This award is a form of appreciation and hopes that exploration activities will continue to increase. " 

At the IAGI Exploration Award 2020, IAGI provided various award categories. Some of them are Best Exploration Investment (Largest Expenditure & Exploration Commitment), Best Discovery, Best Innovation and Technology, Best People Development, and Best Service Company. Elnusa is a national company providing energy services won an award in the Oil and Gas category as Best Exploration Services Company. 

Elnusa's Director of Operations & Business Development, Arief Riyanto, in his remarks when receiving the award, said, “Thank God Elnusa was awarded the IAGI Exploration Award 2020 as Best Oil and Gas Exploration Service Company. Of course, this will further motivate Elnusa to be even better and more advanced in making future innovations, one of which is in the oil and gas seismic survey business line. " 

Elnusa in supporting seismic survey activities in Indonesia has been a pioneer since 1972. The coverage of the seismic survey area that has been carried out is the largest in Indonesia. Armed with competence and experience, Elnusa has proven itself in supporting various exploration activities of Cooperation Contract Contractors (KKKS), SKK Migas, and the Government. 

"Therefore, on this proud opportunity, we do not forget to thank the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Director General of Oil and Gas, SKK Migas, National KKKS from the Pertamina Group, SAKA Indonesia, Medco, and others for the opportunity and trust so far to Elnusa. so that we can apply our capabilities and technology in the seismic business. This award that Elnusa has won is clear evidence that one of Elnusa's oldest business lines, namely the Seismic Survey, can continue to provide benefits to the government and KKKS in oil and gas exploration activities. the government's exploration program in finding giant discovery in Indonesia, "Arief concluded. *

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