10 January 2020

Elnusa Wins Best Upstream Services Subsidiary Award

Jakarta, 17 January 2020 - Elnusa made a good record in early 2020 by winning the Best Upstream Services Subsidiary (APS) award at the 2020 Vendor Day event organized by Pertamina Hulu Indonesia (PHI). This award was received by the Director of Human Resources & General Elnusa - RM Happy Paringhadi at Patra Jasa Building - Jakarta (16/01).

Elnusa has been active in energy services for 50 years and more than 38 years supporting maintenance and increasing production of oil and gas fields in the Mahakam Delta. For this management, Elnusa has won the Mahakam Award eight times from 2011 to 2019.

Elnusa is providing various asset-based oil and gas management services for the PHI Group totaling 41 units. Some of them are Hydraulic Workover (HWU), Snubbing, Coiled Tubing, Well Test & Slickline, Drilling Rig, Drilling Support, and Marine Barge.

Currently, Elnusa is also collaborating with PHM to create a new method for treating wells in mature fields using HWU. Through this new method, it is expected to be able to reduce 40% of PHM operating costs. At HWU Drilling, Elnusa and PHM also collaborated to modify the HWU 340K so that it could drill shallow wells. Elnusa also fully supports the provision of specific vessels to support operations in the Mahakam Delta through new methods that can increase high productivity.

RM Happy Paringhadi is grateful for the appreciation given to Elnusa. This award is clear evidence that Elnusa's oil and gas service excellence.

"We hope that this cooperation can continue to be improved by synergies between Pertamina companies that can create efficiency, as well as open up our opportunities as Pertamina's energy services to optimize and improve Elnusa's capabilities. With the various service advantages we have, we are sure that we can support increased oil and gas production not only in the Pertamina Group but also to support national capacity building. "Added Happy. ***

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