23 March 2022

Elnusa Through EFK Records HSSE Zero Accident Performance at PLTBg Pagar Merbau & Kwala Sawit

Jakarta, March 23, 2022 - PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) through its subsidiary, PT Elnusa Fabrication Construction (EFK) supports the Operation & Maintenance (OM) of the Biogas Power Plant (PLTBg) Pagar Merbau and Kwala Sawit (PLTBg) Pagar Merbau and Kwala Sawit - North Sumatra. The OM service run by EFK has been going on since July 2020 and until now it has worked with zero accidents or no work accidents.

The scope of work carried out by OM is to prepare manpower, work equipment, some spare parts as well as transportation and mobilization. From the work done, the EFK Team is in an environment with a high hazard. With a liquid waste production process that produces gas, not only methane gas for fuel use but also H2S products. From the electricity supply produced by PLTBg, EFK received appreciation from clients of PT Pertamina Power Indonesia for its potential and good management capabilities.

With a high risk, EFK prioritizes Top Risk Assessment in this PLTBg project. Various efforts were made to remind workers through the HSSE Golden Rules campaign, namely compliance, intervention, care and 15 HSE Life Saving Rules and prioritizing the covid-19 protocol. Besides that, it also makes AKHLAK Values ​​as a culture at work.

Elnusa's Finance Director, Bachtiar Soeria Atmadja in the Management Walkthrough (MWT) activity on (25/2/2022), explained the importance of implementing the HSSE Golden Rules (Obey, Intervention, Care) and 15 Life Saving Rules to be applied in the field. “Currently workers also have to apply strict procedures and always mitigate hazards such as fires by implementing the HSSE plan and HSSE standards. These need to be checked for prevention and treatment. Now is the time to raise awareness and train workers.” Said Bachtiar.

The realization of the HSE Program which requires workers to carry out Phase 1 and Phase 2 vaccinations has now reached 100%. Various potential hazard mitigation have been carried out according to the SOP and check regularly with a checklist.

EFK's Director of Operations, Dani Zaenal Mutaqin said various inputs from the management at MWT were used as a room for improvement for EFK. Through this project, EFK participates in supporting environmentally friendly renewable energy. “The proof is that EFK has managed this project well, not many companies can manage this. EFK managed to revive the operation of this PLTBg. Of course, trust and challenges lie ahead for this achievement.” said Dani.

With the support from Elnusa's management, in the future EFK will try to develop this as an alternative energy in the future to answer challenges and attempted to become the pride of Indonesia.

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