16 September 2022

Elnusa Supports Water Management of Perumda Tirta Rangga Subang Regency Based on Internet of Things

Subang, September 16, 2022 – PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) and the affiliated in collaboration with the Regional Public Company (PERUMDA) for Drinking Water Tirta Rangga Subang Regency conducted a Proof of Concept Cooperation Agreement for Smart Retrofit Technology at Ciater, Subang, West Java (16/9).

Smart Retrofit developed by Elnusa aims to support water management in Subang Regency, West Java, and also as an answer to industrial challenges in the 4.0 era. This Internet of Things (IoT)-based system is a solution to reduce water loss or non-revenue water (NRW) for water supply companies and make it easier for people to regulate water use at home. The Smart Retrofit technology development plan will last for three months from the cooperation agreement.

This Proof of Concept Cooperation Agreement was signed by the Director of Business Development of PT Elnusa Tbk Ratih Esti Prihatini and the President Director of PERUMDA Water Drinking Tirta Rangga Kenny Kaparang. The collaboration ceremony was attended by the Director of PT Sigma Cipta Utama (SCU) a subsidiary of Elnusa, Adi Yatama Adi Guna as a representative of Elnusa and the Board of Directors of Perumda Tirta Rangga Subang Regency, witnessed by the Regional Secretary of the Subang Regency Government H. Asep Nuroni, S.Sos., M.Si.

Director of Business Development Elnusa Ratih Esti Prihatini in a separate place explained that this collaboration is a synergy between the Regional Government and the Company to improve services to the community. "The development of IoT technology that we are doing is Elnusa's contribution and its contribution to supporting smart cities in Indonesia and especially in Subang Regency, West Java." Ratih said.

Ratih added that the IoT technology developed can provide benefits both for PERUMDA as an air distribution provider and for customers. The advantage that can be obtained from the PERUMDA side is that the meter reading data is more accurate, real-time, and online so that PERUMDA can monitor quickly in case of air loss (Non-Revenue Water) and can be integrated with the existing billing system. Meanwhile, from the customer side, the benefits include obtaining more accurate billing, and customers can monitor and use air usage. “Elnusa through its total solution continues to develop various innovations to increase national capacity. Smart Retrofit L-NM technology is a solution that we offer to facilitate the management of air supply to customers," she added.

Elnusa is committed to providing services through total solutions in support of Government programs. One of them is in managing water resources while at the same time meeting people's expectations, especially for local companies.

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