19 July 2022

ELNUSA Site Visit to Partners in Duri Region - Pekanbaru, Holds VMS & CSMS Implementatation

Jakarta, July 19, 2022 - PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa), a leading energy services company that provides a total solutions, conducts a series of direct outreach to business partners in Pekan Baru, Riau (2-8 July) by implementing the Covid-19 health protocol. The series of socializations took the form of coaching validation of partner registration through the Vendor Management System (VMS) application and submission of Elnusa's Contractor Safety Management System (CSMS) implementation for partners who have registered in the operational area of ​​Pekan Baru and Duri.

The collaboration, which was initiated by the HSSE and Supply Chain Management functions of Elnusa, involved 34 local partners in Duri, Rokan Hilir, and Pekanbaru. To ensure that Elnusa's CSMS standards and criteria can be understood and understood by partners who will or have collaborated with Elnusa, partners who are present are actively involved and are also given the opportunity to interact and ask questions about VMS and CSMS. In addition, through this activity, Elnusa also had the opportunity to ensure the capabilities of partners, administrative documents, and grouping of partners according to the company's needs by conducting site visits to 36 Partners in the Duri and Pekanbaru areas.

Elnusa's Director of Human Resources & General Affairs, Tenny Elfrida said, to build a healthy and sustainable business environment, Elnusa continues to work in synergy with various parties, one of which is with partners. "The challenges of the oil and gas service industry in the future will be even greater, so that in addition to efforts to improve the capabilities of human resources in the company, the selection of the right partners will also be a good effort in responding to these challenges".

Tenny added, despite the challenges, Elnusa hopes to provide meaning and value for economic growth in the local area by involving local partners who are being recruited through this activity. "With this hope, we always prioritize the safety aspect, for that the Elnusa Team assigned to this activity also makes a direct visit and ensures that the partners who will be partnered with not only understand but also implement and make the safety aspect a work culture. Not only that, the team also ensures that the support received directly from work partners is in accordance with the competence and quality that is tailored to the company's needs”.

The agenda for this visit to work partners is carried out as part of the company's mission to empower local partners in supporting the company's operational activities in the Duri area. As for the implementation of CSMS in Elnusa, it has several important objectives, namely ensuring that partners can carry out work according to standards at Elnusa with criteria related to safety, occupational health and environmental protection by evaluating the implementation of CSMS Full Cycle.

"In addition to being an effort to prevent work accidents, selecting partners and tools that meet the standards with these established criteria, we believe that in the future we can improve the company's performance and HSSE in Elnusa, which in turn will be able to support Pertamina in meeting the government's target of increasing production oil 1 million barrels per day and natural gas 12 billion standard cubic feet per day (MMscfd) in 2030”. Tenny said.

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