20 December 2022

Elnusa Sharing Knowledge of the "Life of Oilwell Project" at PEM Akamigas Cepu

Jakarta, December 20, 2022 - PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) consistently holds the Elnusa Leader's Sharing & Action (ELSA) program. ELSA is a program to share knowledge and experience with students at various tertiary institutions with speakers from Leaders at Elnusa. This activity is one of the social and environmental responsibility programs which is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the education sector by supporting Indonesia's participation in Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) Number 4, namely Quality Education by participating in the success of quality education programs. This time, ELSA is here in direct hybrid form from the Mineral Energy Polytechnic (PEM), Central Java, on (12/12/2022), with the theme "Life of Oilwell Project".

The event was attended by more than 139 participants consisting of students, Elnusa workers, and the general public and was attended by the Deputy Director 1 of PEM Akamigas Cepu Dr. Asepta Suraya Warhanda, Head of Adm. Yusmanto Academic and Student Affairs, Elnusa Indah Andini CSR Team and Septiani Nur Ulfa and Business Manager Welltesting & Production Services as resource persons from Elnusa Endiandika Tri Putranto.

Deputy Director 1 PEM Akamigas Cepu Dr. Asepta Suraya Warhanda, gave a warm welcome by expressing his gratitude for Elnusa's willingness to share with the students of PEM Akamigas Cepu. "Hopefully this ELSA program can be followed up further by opening opportunities for students to be able to do Field Work Practices (PKL), Internships and research at Elnusa." Asepta said

"The PEM Akamigas also opened a wide door for other Elnusa Leaders to be able to provide Knowledge Sharing regarding special competencies in the world of work. This is in line with the aim of PEM Akamigas Cepu to produce graduates who are competent in technical jobs adapted to the world of work so that they have qualified career preparations in the future." Asepta said.

Meanwhile, Elnusa Indah Andini's CSR Team, gave remarks and directed students about "After Graduate, What's Next?". "Students need to satisfy themselves by increasing their knowledge and implementing ethical behavior and always being agile and well motivated." Beautiful Words.

The material presented was delivered by Elnusa's Welltesting & Production Services Business Manager Endiandika Tri Putranto with the theme raised "Life of Oilwell Project". The presentation of the material contains business processes in Welltesting, understanding of Physics material and Basic Mathematics which are very necessary when carrying out operational work in the oil and gas world.

The ELSA program at PEM Akamigas Cepu is the 7th implementation in 2022, which was previously carried out at the University of Riau. The ELSA program is expected to provide benefits to the University and in particular to open opportunities for students to have the opportunity to do Field Work Practices (PKL) at Elnusa. This will be an opportunity for comprehensive student career development to prepare for the future.

This activity took place interactively, the participants showed high enthusiasm to find out in-depth information about Elnusa from the material presented and from the experiences of sources who have been involved in the oil and gas industry.

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