06 May 2021

Elnusa Shares the Blessings of Ramadan, Provides Compensation for Orphans and Dhuafa

Jakarta, 6 May 2021 - PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) is a leading national energy services company in the middle of the month of Ramadan which is full of grace and blessing routinely rolling out various spiritual activities both internally and externally. One of the external activities that was rolled out was to share the blessings of Ramadan through the provision of donations for orphans and Dhuafa children who were scattered in various Elnusa operational areas. 

Elnusa's Corporate Secretary, Ari Wijaya, said “We indeed use Ramadan routinely as a good momentum to share blessings and spread goodness through donations for Orphans and Dhuafa. Not only that, this is also a form of implementation and commitment of Elnusa's management in Community Involvement Development activities in the economic sector in the Elnusa program to share love which refers to ISO 26000: Social Responsibility in its implementation and focus on community involvement / empowerment programs in supporting SDGs. Of course in accordance with the guidance related to the 8 ASNAF beneficiaries of Zakat ".

" This activity involved hundreds of orphans and the delivery of compensation was symbolically delivered by the Elnusa Board of Directors in conjunction with the Spiritual Talk Program (BBS) which is one of the flagship programs in this month of Ramadan for increase the faith of Elnusa employees. " Ari added.

At Elnusa sharing this year's blessings, there were 700 packages distributed to four main points including Graha Elnusa, Batakan Balikpapan Representative Office, Daruttaubah Islamic Boarding School, Bekasi City, and Masyaul Huda Islamic Boarding School 02 Tuban.

"Through this activity, we want the community to Those who are in the vicinity of Elnusa's operating area can directly feel the company's contribution in their midst and of course we also want to be a company that benefits the environment around us, because we believe that sustainable growth will be reflected in the company's development that is able to grow in balance with stakeholders. interests and the community, especially in the vicinity of the operation area, have become one of these stakeholders, "Ari concluded.

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