22 February 2023

Elnusa Shares HSSE Experience at the Townhall Meeting of the PLN Icon+ National K3 Month Celebration

Jakarta, 22 February 2023 - PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa), a leading energy service company incorporated in Pertamina's Upstream Subholding, shared experiences as a resource person at the Safety Townhall Meeting as the culmination of a series of National K3 Month events at PT PLN Icon+ (PLN Icon+). At the event Elnusa was present to explain the strategy and HSSE programs in an effort to improve the work safety culture in the company. The event was held on Wednesday 15 February 2023 at the Jamsostek Tower.

The event was opened with an opening speech by the Director of Human Capital Management and Administration PLN Icon+ Daru Tri Tjahjono and continued with the presentation of the HSSE strategy at Elnusa by Vice President of HSSE Elnusa Ramon Arias Pili.

Ramon on this occasion explained the Elnusa HSSE Path which is a reference for implementing HSSE aspects in all of Elnusa's business lines which are quite diverse, one of which is by Preventing Incidents. According to Ramon, HSSE should be the responsibility of all personnel (employee engagement) in achieving HSSE goals. "To achieve employee engagement, we need drivers, namely Management Drivers (4 P's) and Cultural Drivers (3 C's). Safety is not the absence of events, safety is the presence of defenses. This forms the basis of the HSSE programs being implemented, including Management Walkthrough (MWT), HSSE 1O1, HSSE+, HSSE School, to CSMS which is a barrier to preventing incidents from occurring," said Ramon.

Ramon also conveyed Elnusa's Total Recordable Injury / Incident Rate (TRIR) in 2022. "Elnusa's TRIR in 2022 was the best in the last 10 years. This achievement is clear evidence of the consistency of the programs implemented and the formation of employee engagement at Elnusa. Every program must be well planned and disciplined in its execution,” concluded Ramon.

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