Elnusa Sends Six Teams to Annual Pertamina Quality (APQ) Awards 2019

PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) this morning participated in Annual Pertamina Quality (APQ) Awards 2019 held by PT Pertamina Persero (Pertamina). The purpose of this event is to create a culture of continuous improvement (Continuous Improvement Program) at Pertamina Group. The event was opened by President Director of Pertamina, Nicke Widyawati, which lasted for three days from March 18-20 2019 at the Pertamina Pusat office, Jakarta.

In his speech, Nicke said “APQ Awards Pertamina in 2019 showed consistency in building a culture of innovation and improvement. On a strategic level there are strategic initiatives (SI) and Breakthrough Project (BTP), while at the operational level, there is the Continuous Improvement Program (CIP) “. This is in line with the theme of the 2019 APQ Awards namely “Quality Synergy Personnel Conducting Innovation and Digitizing Businesses to Respond to the Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0″. The theme this year there are five points, namely Insan Quality, Synergy, Innovation, Digitization, and responsive.

Director of Investment Planning and Risk Management Pertamina, Heru Setiawan conveyed in the report was selected as many as 161 CIP best that competed consisted of 155 group presentations CIP and 6 cluster replication, 28 cluster Expo CIP, 15 BTP, and 20 SI, with value creation increased IDR 10 Trillion compared to APQ 2018.

This year Elnusa sent six of its best clusters to compete in this event, which consisted of PC-Prove ECMA, PC Prove Laut Biru, PC Prove Gorong-Gorong, PC Prove Melissa , PC Prove Lossmen, and I-Prove Isves. In addition, Elnusa also follows the event expo to introduce the results of CIP Elnusa.