11 February 2021

Elnusa - Schlumberger, Continue to Cooperation Upstream Oil and Gas Services

Jakarta, February 11, 2021 - PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa), a subsidiary of PT Pertamina (Persero), continues to optimize competencies and resources in the upstream business service line through the signing of a collaboration with Schlumberger. The form of the agreed agreement is the Master Services Agreement (MSA) for Well Testing and Coiled Tubing work which is a follow-up to the Master Cooperation Agreement (MCA) which was agreed in 2018. The signing of this collaboration was carried out directly in the Udaya Room, Graha Elnusa while still implementing the Covid-19 health protocol.

There are several things that are the main focus of this collaboration, including increasing the capacity and capacity of Elnusa so that it can open up new opportunities and markets that have a big potential for Elnusa and also for Schlumberger in the future.

Ali Mundakir, President Director of Elnusa said, "Previously Elnusa and Schlumberger had agreed to cooperate with five service lines in the MCA, namely reservoir characterization, drilling, oil and gas production, surface production facilities and integrated services. This MSA is a further step, in which both parties agree to cooperate in the Well Testing and Coiled Tubing service lines.

"This MSA is Elnusa's commitment to continue to improve its capabilities and capacities to support the government in achieving the oil production target of 1 million BOPD. Especially in maintaining or increasing the current level of national production. This cooperation is one of the company's strategic steps by partnering with Schlumberger, which has developed and established technology and resources in the oil and gas industry. We are sure that this will directly increase Elnusa's capability in supporting synergies with Pertamina in maintaining national energy security. Of course this cooperation will benefit all parties ”. added Ali.

Meanwhile, Devan Keith Raj, Managing Director of Schlumberger said that, "Our main mission is to create technology that can open access to energy for the benefit of many people. As an organization, Schlumberger is fully committed to the development of the communities in which we operate. In particular, in our activities in Indonesia, we intend to support Government programs in the energy sector. " 

Furthermore, Devan expressed his optimism regarding this cooperation, "We are very happy with the cooperation that we are currently establishing with Elnusa, considering that this gives us the opportunity to contribute in efforts to achieve the target of 1 million BOPD set by the Government. Our relationship with Elnusa itself has actually been well established since 1985. For us, Elnusa is an ideal partner. Elnusa is one of the strongest industry players in the region and has goals, visions and missions that are in line with us. We believe that the combination of technology and experience we have with Elnusa's reliability can make a meaningful contribution in supporting the success of government programs in the energy sector and the advancement of the Indonesian oil and gas industry. "

This collaboration between Elnusa and Schlumberger is expected to be able to support the government's target in achieving 1 million BOPD oil production in the future and will confirm Elnusa's position as a national energy services company that has a diversified portfolio in the fields of integrated upstream oil and gas services, energy distribution & logistics and supporting services, providing benefits. will increase the value of better service for clients.

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