11 June 2020

Elnusa Prepares for New Normal, Protocol Series Applied

Jakarta, June 11, 2020 – PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) is preparing to carry out operational activities with the new normal protocol. Preparations that are being made include mapping workers to return to the office, preparation of work areas to carrying out employee rapid tests.

Elnusa’s Head of Corporate Communications – Wahyu Irfan said, “Elnusa has an interest in ensuring that national energy supply support continues to run well and to prevent Covid-19 infections as well as possible in all lines of operational activities. At present, Elnusa is starting a new normal period and making various adaptations. “

There are at least three things that are being pursued in this new normal period. First, the application of the policy to limit the number of workers entering the office. For the time being, only critical workers who directly influence operational activities are permitted. This is excluded for special conditions workers, such as having comorbid factors or comorbidities, pregnant and breastfeeding women, and other special conditions.

The application of work from this re-office applies to workers in Greater Jakarta. While workers who are outside the Greater Jakarta area are adjusting to the new normal policies implemented by their respective Regional Governments.

As a form of building preparation, Elnusa routinely disinfects work areas, optimizes the use of communication technology to minimize direct meetings, and implements procedures for the maximum use of space and physical distancing in various facilities.

In addition, Elnusa requires the screening or screening of workers’ health before returning to the office. Workers’ rapid tests are carried out twice and with mandatory nonreactive results. Workers are required to report health conditions every day and show the results of the rapid test to the officer before entering the office. As an additional effort, workers are re-checked their body temperature when they want to enter the work area and monitored while working.

Wahyu added that the non-reactive rapid test requirements and the new normal protocol applied by Elnusa also apply to guests and work partners who want to visit the Elnusa work area. “Therefore, we appeal to guests and partners to maximize virtual communication so as to minimize the risk of transmission”.

With various steps that have been prepared, Elnusa is ready to adapt to the new normal, closed Wahyu.

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