18 January 2022

Elnusa Petrofin Tips in Implementation Serum 135

To accelerate the internalization of AKHLAK Values ​​in the Upstream Subholding (SHU) environment, SHU launched the Serum 135 program to be followed by the Directors and Board of Directors (BOD) of Subsidiaries (AP). Named Serum 135 because it consists of 1 training, 3 mentoring and 5 assignments that must be followed.

The training provided is in the form of understanding the values ​​of AKHLAK and the steps for their internalization. Meanwhile, mentoring is carried out to formulate an assignment program that is suitable for each condition the AP is assisted by an External Mentor.

To support the implementation of the Serum 135 program, PT Elnusa Petrofin (EPN) has tips and strategies contained in several activities so that the program runs optimally. One of them is as stated by the Section Head of Organization Development of EPN, Laili Kadarwati, that EPN has formed a new business unit in the form of the Sulawesi Regional Organizational Structure.

"This is the object of the implementation of Serum 135 EPN, the collaboration of all internal business units in EPN is there," said Laili. Friday (19/11). The structure of the Sulawesi region can be likened to a micro-EPN, where multiple business units involved in the program complement each other under one umbrella.

This program is based on the AKHLAK values ​​that have been formulated and based on the pain analysis that has been carried out by the EPN internal team. "We call it the AKSI program, which is Amanah, Collaborative, and Adaptive," he continued.

Several other strategies were also carried out by EPN in optimizing the implementation of Serum 135 in all of its operational areas. That is by involving Human Resources (HR) personnel from work units at fuel oil terminals (TBBM)/KSO & VHS sites spread throughout Indonesia to serve as Agents of Change (AOC) in their respective places.

Until now, the impact of the implementation of the Serum 135 program can be felt directly, namely starting a good understanding of the AKHLAH values ​​in the EPN environment. "It is evident from an internal survey on the definition and 18 main behaviors of AKHLAK, which was conducted on 200 respondents spread throughout Indonesia, with a score of 72 out of a scale of 100," he explained.

This positive impact is expected to continue in other segments so as to provide great benefits for EPN, Elnusa in particular and SHU in general. And also the hope that the leaders can become AOC in their respective environments.

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