08 July 2022

Elnusa Petrofin 26th Anniversary, Held a Trial of B30 Blending Implementation PT IBT

Jakarta, 8 July 2022 – PT Elnusa Petrofin (EPN) conducted a trial implementation of Inline Blending of Biosolar B30 Products. This activity was held to coincide with EPN's 26th anniversary celebration and was attended by the directors of EPN and the directors of PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) on July 5, 2022.

The implementation of the Inline Blending B30 trial was carried out offline at the Pulau Laut TBBM unit, the Site of PT Indonesia Bulk Terminal (IBT) Mekar Putih, South Kalimantan which is part of the PT Adaro Group and has done virtually in the Udaya Room, Graha Elnusa by carrying out a hand-scanning ceremony by Elnusa President Director John Hisar Simamora, EPN President Director Aditya Budi Prabowo and witnessed by more than 280 participants.

Aditya Budi Prabowo, as President Director of EPN said that "The implementation of the B30 Inline Blending Implementation Trial was carried out to support PT Pertamina Patra Niaga (Patra Niaga) Sub Holding Commercial &Trading (C&T) PT Pertamina (Persero) in meeting consumer needs. It also supports government regulations that require the use of B30, especially those that use Industrial Fuel," said Aditya.

In this case, EPN is trusted as the executor of the construction of the Inline Blending project and also as an operational handling agent operator at the IBT Pulau Laut EPN TBBM location to support Patra Niaga in meeting industrial consumers via vessels or ships.

The implementation of Inline Bleding is based on Government Regulations to require Industrial Fuel customers in Indonesia to use Biosolar B30 Fuel. Where the distribution of B30 biosolar type fuel requires mixing between HSD / Solar products with a percentage of 70% volume and Fame a percentage of 30% volume. Also seeing that the existing operation currently still uses in tank blending so that it takes a long time for the mixing and circulation process of B30 products. Also for the increasing loading rate of demand from Patra Niaga consumers.

With the construction of this Inline blending installation, it is expected to improve the quantity & quality aspects and also be able to support the increasing demand for industrial sales in the Kalimantan area. Also supported by service excellence and the implementation of EPN operations that uphold HSSE, B30 Biosolar Product Fuel can also be distributed accurately to each consumer ship. This is due to the Inline blending process which uses an integrated PLC system, which is able to distribute fuel from each HSD and Fame product tank by going through the Installation of Inline blending piping directly to the ship.

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