22 October 2021

Elnusa Management Monitors SCU AIS & Vessel Tracking Projects with MWT

Jakarta, October 22, 2021 - PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) continues to consistently hold Virtual Management Walkthrough (MWT) activities during the Covid-19 Pandemic (21/10). This time the Management visited the Automatic Identification System (AIS) & Vessel Tracking Well Monitoring PHKT Balikpapan project under the auspices of Elnusa's subsidiary, Sigma Cipta Utama (SCU). Two-way communication is established between Management and Officers in the field focused on ensuring that the HSSE policy is understood and implemented.

The activity was attended by SCU Director Dian Nugrahaningsih, VP of HSSE Elnusa Ramon Arias Pili, VP of Controller Meljevi Budia, VP of ECQM Ferdiansyah, and SM of Information System Adi Yatama, as well as other members of Elnusa's management.

In his speech, SCU Director Dian Nugrahaningsih expressed his appreciation to Elnusa Officers for their hard work to apply excellent operations during their tenure. “Thank you to all officers who play a role in incident prevention, and always ensure the health and safety of all the teams on duty. Always recognize the slightest job risk, and continue to implement the HSE Golden Rules, namely obedience, intervention, and care," he said.

VP of HSSE Elnusa Ramon Arias Pili added his gratitude to all management who have shown their commitment and leadership in participating in MWT. "Hopefully in the future, this two-way communication activity can continue to increase engagement with officers in the field and can demonstrate the spirit of HSSE to pursue our common goal of preventing accidents," said Ramon.

The AIS & Vessel Tracking Well Monitoring project is a work of monitoring and recording the movement of ships and the use of fuel operating in the PHKT area. There are 5 main hazards in the exposure of the top risk assessment presented by Ayyub Wijaya as the Supervisor Technician. “We focus on 5 hazard risks, namely Fire, Object Drop, Man Overboard, Falling from a height, and Ergonomic Injury. We always monitor and carry out the necessary risk mitigations to reduce existing hazards. In addition, for reports related to COVID-19, currently, there are no confirmed COVID-19 workers, and 100% of workers have been vaccinated," he said.

At the end of the Virtual MWT event, the management of Elnusa gave their appreciation to see that the steps that had been taken by the team in the field were considered quite good. Management hopes that SCU Officers can continue to work hand in hand in maintaining the good performance that has been achieved so far and Elnusa will continue to be a superior company with operational excellence performance.

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