15 November 2023

Elnusa Management conducted a Safari Management Walkthrough activity to work units

Jakarta, 15 November 2023 – PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) carried out Safari Management Walkthrough (MWT) activities for all work units. Kick Off for the MWT Safari activities starts on 6 & 7 November 2023 in the Balikpapan Warehouse area and Elnusa Modular Rig 001 (EMR 001) in the Samberah field #169 Project PHSS.

The officials present at the kick off of the MWT Safari activity were Finance Director Elnusa Bachtiar Soeria Atmadja, VP Controller Reizky Rahadian Lendra, SM Financial Accounting Nurwanto, SM Enterprise Risk Management Mira Puspitawati, along with all the teams currently operating.

Elnusa Finance Director Bachtiar Soeria Atmadja, on the occasion of Onsite MWT in the context of the MWT Safari, conveyed operational performance achievements and also HSSE achievements in all Elnusa Operational Areas, as well as conveying lessons learned from several incidents in the Elnusa group work environment for all front line personnel in the working area Elnusa is always alert and similar incidents will no longer happen again.

Bachtiar Soeria Atmadja on this occasion also delivered a year-end message to all Elnusa officers in the Elnusa Group work area regarding HSSE aspects in the field, "I hope that all Elnusa officers in the Operation Area will remain focused and pay attention to each other and remind each other about potential dangers at work," said Bachtiar.

Bachtiar added, "I also never tire of appealing to every Elnusa officer to always comply with the HSSE Golden Rules, namely Obedience to Caring Intervention. "This is to become a work culture that is inherent in every Elnusa officer wherever and whenever carrying out work," said Bachtiar.

Management also expressed their appreciation to all Elnusa officers in the Balikpapan Warehouse and EMR Unit 001 for all their efforts and efforts in creating a safe and secure workplace. "Hopefully this good performance can be maintained until the end of the year and improved next year." Bachtiar concluded.

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