12 August 2022

Elnusa Introduces Elnusa Products,Services,and Technological Innovations in NATIONAL CAPACITY FORUM

Jakarta, 12 August 2022 – PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) which is part of the Pertamina Upstream Subholding continues to be committed to encouraging the ability of the national industry to play an active role in the development of the national upstream oil and gas. Like the previous year, this year, on 27-28 July 2022, Elnusa had the opportunity to participate in the 2022 NATIONAL CAPACITY FORUM (Forkapnas) which was held at the Jakarta Convention Center.

Forkapnas 2022 is a communication forum between local governments, upstream oil and gas business actors, and supporting national and local service companies so that the communication forum creates a communication to increase the multiplier effect of the activities created.

On this occasion, the Elnusa booth succeeded in attracting the enthusiasm of visitors apart from interesting information artifacts, as well as activities at the booth such as a question and answer agenda between visitors, product presentations, services, and technological innovations to the distribution of souvenirs and door prizes for visitors.

Corporate Secretary Asmal Salam, one of those who attended the Forkapnas this time, said, “The purpose of participating in Elnusa in this National Capacity Forum is to introduce Elnusa's products, services, and technological innovations as well as client engagement facilities to oil and gas stakeholders. Participate in the National Capacity Forum as a form of Elnusa in supporting oil and gas activities in Indonesia”. Asmal said.

Elnusa's participation in Forkapnas 2022 is a commitment to an important role in supporting the Government's program to increase oil production by 1 million barrels per day in 2030.

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