02 November 2021

ELNUSA Introduced Smart Retrofit Technology for Drinking Water Perumda Service Tirta Pakuan Bogor

Bogor, November 2, 2021 – PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) which is incorporated in Pertamina Upstream Subholding continues to struggle to see internet of things (IoT) based business opportunities in the current era of industrial revolution 4.0. Elnusa together with the Regional General Company (PERUMDA) of Tirta Pakuan Drinking Water Bogor City signed a Proof of Concept Cooperation Agreement (POC) of Elnusa Smart Retrofit Technology developed by Elnusa to support water management in Bogor City, West Java. Previously Elnusa has established a similar cooperation with PERUMDA Drinking Water Tirta Benteng Kota Tangerang in providing water management IoT technology solutions in Tangerang City in February 2019, as well as several other PERUMDA and currently still ongoing.

Elnusa developed Smart Retrofit technology in support of IoT-based water management the development of this technology is a solution to reduce the level of water loss or non-revenue water (NRW) from the non-technical side and facilitate the community in regulating water use at home. This technology is expected to provide convenience in monitoring water use.

Through this technology, water supply companies can monitor in real time and online the process of distributing water to customers so as to reduce the inaccuracies of meter readings that have been done conventionally. For customers, with this technology, they can monitor the amount of water use while evaluating the use and estimate of the amount of the bill. Furthermore, the data obtained can be used to determine dynamic pricing based on usage time. Integrated with billing system. And lastly, you can predict daily and monthly income.

The signing of the Cooperation Agreement was carried out by the Director of Operations and Director of Business Development of Elnusa, Rony Hartanto together with the President Director of PERUMDA Drinking Water Tirta Pakuan Bogor City, Rino Indira Gusniawan which was witnessed by the Mayor of Bogor, Bima Arya Sugiarto and witnessed and attended also by President Director Elnusa Ali Mundakir, VP of Business Development Elnusa, Hera Handayani and Senior Manager of Information System Elnusa, Adi Yatama. The meeting was also attended by the board of Directors of PERUMDA Drinking Water Tirta Pakuan Bogor City, namely Technical Director, Ardani Yusuf and General Director, Rivelino Rizky.

This POC activity will be carried out for two months from the signing of the POC Cooperation Agreement. Elnusa Information System Team which will be the main team in the development of This Smart Retrofit Technology.

Bogor Mayor Bima Arya Sugiarto said that in the era of collaboration like now, it is a smart choice to collaborate with Elnusa. He hopes that Tirta Pakuan will not only collaborate for a short period of time, but there is a transfer of knowledge. He explained that Tirta Pakuan had quite a lot of challenges. Starting from maintaining the quality of service, the need to increase production, the need to minimize water leaks, until the need to tidy up usage recording data from customers. "And it can all be done by collaborating not only with the budget of Tirta Pakuan or capital from the city government," he said.

President Director of Elnusa, Ali Mundakir said "This cooperation is a synergy between the Regional Government through BUMD (RegionalLy Owned Enterprises) and the Company in improving services to the community. The development of IoT technology that we do is the contribution of Elnusa and its affiliates to support government programs in water control. In addition, it increases the profitability of PERUMDA Drinking Water. I believe this technology supports smart city programs in Indonesia, especially in Bogor City."

"This technology is a strategic business and sustainable innovation carried out by Elnusa. Elnusa is committed to providing services through total solutions in support of the Government. One of them is in the management of water resources that simultaneously meet the expectations of the community, especially to regional companies. Of course we hope to support the Smart City Program that is being promoted in Indonesia" concluded Ali.

Meanwhile, President Director of PERUMDA Drinking Water Tirta Pakuan Bogor City, Rino Indira Gusniawan explained, the collaboration with IoT-based Elnusa aims to read the meter automatically. During this time, the recording must go through the photo meter and send a report of the reading results. After that, it's just billed.

"But later in real time we can check usage in customers, but this is still in the form of a concept, we have to prove that the technology is strong against water, wind, dust, theft and all sorts. Well this concept that we will try, and today cooperation with Elnusa also with one other party we will try in about 800 of our customers in Bogor city, "he said.

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