26 August 2020

Elnusa Hydraulic Rig-14 Fabrication of the Indonesian People Ready to Support Oil and Gas Production

Jakarta, 26 August 2020 – The subsidiary of PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa), PT Elnusa Fabrikasi Konstruksi completes the fabrication of the newest Hydraulic Workover Unit to support national oil and gas production. The unit, named Elnusa Hydraulic Rig 14 or EHR-14, is the third fully fabricated unit by the nation. Hydraulic rig equipment in the oil and gas world is usually used to rework wells to support increased oil and gas production. This equipment can not only be used for oil and gas wells, but has also been proven in geothermal wells.

Elnusa’s Director of Operations and Business Development, Arief Riyanto said, “Elnusa Hydraulic Rig-14 is a proof of Elnusa’s superior competence which is not only able to provide energy services, but also independently fabricates its service equipment needs. In previous years Elnusa purchased this equipment from abroad, but armed with the enthusiasm to increase national capacity Elnusa can now manufacture it on its own. “

This third generation EHR-14 fabrication is an improvement over the previous generation. Several aspects have been improved among others the ease of operation, the speed of the rig up and down, as well as various technological developments that are increasingly sophisticated to support well maintenance and increase oil and gas production. Not only that, the EHR-14 is designed with a better security factor.

“Several EHR units have been used in the maintenance of both oil and gas and geothermal wells. The plan is that this new unit will be used to support the maintenance of Pertamina Group’s oil and gas wells at the end of August 2020. We hope that the addition of this unit can support the increase in national oil and gas production,” Arief continued.

Apart from hydraulic rigs, Elnusa has made various innovations to increase Indonesia’s capability and capacity in the oil and gas industry. One of them is the Petrofin Oil Spill Dispersant, which is an innovation from Elnusa’s subsidiary, PT Elnusa Petrofin. Oil dispersants use chemicals in handling oil spills by making a layer of spilled oil into micro grains so as to speed up the remediation process. With the advantage of being able to disperse various types of oil, and using vegetable raw materials that are abundant in Indonesia. So that it becomes a high-value domestic superior product.

“For you Indonesia, these various innovations are the dedication of Elnusa’s people to continue to support capacity building in the oil and gas industry”, concluded Arief. *

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