Elnusa Holds Virtual Management Walkthrough at the HWU EHR Project # 09 PHE OSES

Jakarta, May 14, 2020. In the midst of the current COVID-19 Pandemic, all mobilization activities are severely restricted, but this has not deterred PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) from continuing to hold a Management Walkthrough (MWT) activity that is routinely carried out as an effort to fulfill and care for Elnusa in ensuring the safety of crew work in the field. This activity is the second time Elnusa has visited MWT virtually using video conferencing to work locations in the field. This time the virtual MWT was carried out to the EHR # 09 Hydraulic Workover Unit (HWU) project at the Pertamina Hulu Offshore Southeast Sumatra (PHE OSES) location on Wednesday, May 13, 2020, which had also previously been conducted at the ELSA Regent.

Elnusa President Director – Elizar P. Hasibuan along with Elnusa Finance Director – Hery Setiawan, Elnusa HR & General Director – RM Happy Paringhadi who was accompanied by Elnusa VP HSSE – Ramon Arias Pili and Elnusa’s senior management and PHE OSES management interacted virtually with employees of the Elnusa HSP accompanied by Elnusa VP HSSE – Ramon Arias Pili and Elnusa’s senior management as well as PHE OSES management interacting virtually with workers who served at the PHE OSES location via video conference from Jakarta.

Senior Manager of Drilling Workover Well Services (DWOWS) PHE OSES – Ali Sundja said “MWT is certainly very necessary to be done as monitoring of workers in the field as well as Elnusa’s interaction with PHE OSES in doing work. We have also given awards to Elnusa, who was proven to be the best contractor of PHE OSES 2019 from the HSE and Operation aspects in February 2020, besides that PHE OSES management also gave its appreciation to Elnusa’s management who was very proactive in supporting operations in PHE OSES. “

Elizar P. Hasibuan conveyed that the MWT conducted at this time was certainly very different from what had been planned before, meeting and having direct discussions with friends at the location. The current situation is not very supportive of direct encounters, but the efforts of HSSE friends at the head office are still enthusiastic to prioritize the safety aspect by creating a different mechanism namely MWT virtually, with the virtual hope it does not reduce our togetherness. “

“Thank you for the appreciation and appreciation given by the management of PHE OSES to Elnusa, as well as friends of Elnusa’s operations who continue to contribute in increasing oil and gas production at PHE OSES in particular. In an effort to improve the safety aspects of the location, work is required to always apply the Elnusa Golden Rules namely Compliance, Care and Intervention and also the Corporate Life-Saving Rules,” added Elizar.

In an effort to deal with Covid-19 on-site, Elnusa implemented the COVID-19 protocol which is in line with the COVID-19 PHE OSES protocol, starting with workers leaving home to head offshore. Elnusa has also followed the additional requirements of DWOWS PHE OSES by having to carry out rapid tests before crew changes as evidence of commitment to work safely and remain productive in the PHE OSES environment. Likewise with the prevention efforts carried out at the work site ie all workers are required to attend COVID emergency response training.

“Hopefully this collaboration will continue well and Elnusa will continue to be able to support the production of PHE OSES to achieve the target.” Concluded Elizar. *