24 March 2022

Elnusa Holds Kick Off Meeting Preparation for Participating in the 2022 APQA CIP Forum

Jakarta, 24 March 2022 - PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) with the share code of the issuer ELSA, which has joined the Pertamina Upstream Subholding, held a Kick Off Meeting (16/03/2022) Preparation of the upcoming 2022 APQA CIP Forum in May 2022. Elnusa is set to receive five Quota for the CIP Team that will participate in the event.

The teams that made it into APQA included FT Prove Thickening Team, PC Prove Ruler of the Ocean, PC Prove Smart meter, PC Prove Transformers ELN, PC Prove Mud Doctor. Of the five teams, PC Prove Mud Doctor was given the opportunity to participate in the Innovation Expo at the event.

Acting Senior Manager of Quality Management (QM), Adisti Dwi Karina, said "Elnusa management and the QM team appreciate the achievements and performance of the five teams at the Pertamina CIP forum in 2021. It is hoped that through the 2022 APQA event, they will be able to win more awards and achievements. better than last year.”

Various preparation programs were carried out to participate in the 2022 APQA CIP forum, including training, debriefing and strengthening the CIP of the APQA team. The purpose of the training and workshops is to strengthen the quality of the contents of the CIP minutes to match the best criteria in the judging process so that they are able to obtain optimal scores and results by bringing the Platinum category predicate. Prior to the presentation in the CIP APQA, the Team will conduct an presentation through an online presentation exercise and dry run for the CIP Team to the BOD or Top Management.

Elnusa's participation in the APQA and CIP forums is a tangible form of support and commitment to building a culture of innovation and continuous improvement at the business and operational levels. Hopefully the Elnusa representatives who come forward in this Forum are able to make the best results for the victorious Elnusa.

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