10 February 2021

Elnusa Group Distributes National Natural Disaster Aid

Jakarta, February 10, 2021 - PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) and the Group through the Baitul Hikmah Elnusa Foundation (YBHE) distributed aid to communities affected by the national disaster in January 2021 yesterday. The Elnusa Group which consists of Elnusa holding and its subsidiary PT Elnusa Petrofin, PT Elnusa Fabrikasi Konstruksi, PT Elnusa Trans Samudera and PT Sigma Cipta Utama and PT Patra Nusa Data plays an active role in collecting donations which is open for two weeks from 17 January 2021 - 1 February 2021. From the distribution of the donations that were collected, Elnusa collaborated with Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) to distribute aid properly, appropriately and right on target. 

Elnusa's Director of Human Resources & General, Tenny Elfrida said, "As a form of empathy for people affected by the national disaster, Alhamdulilah Elnusa Group managed to collect donations of Rp. 155,684,756 collected from the Elnusa Group as well as donations delivered directly by employees. Elnusa plans to distribute the aid to several disaster-affected areas in Indonesia such as the floods in South Kalimantan, the West Sulawesi earthquake and other areas. " 

Tenny added, "This activity is one of Elnusa's CSR activities which are routinely carried out in disaster management. In addition, this is also clear evidence of the implementation of the two AKHLAK values ​​in BUMN Pertamina as the parent company of Elnusa which is also applied in the Elnusa Group, namely Harmonization and Collaboration. Through harmonious implementation and collaboration, together we can share with communities affected by disasters to build our beloved Indonesia ”. 

Through the assistance delivered by the Elnusa Group, it is hoped that it can be useful as well as to ease a little of the burden on the community affected by the disaster and be a blessing for the Elnusa Group who does not go out to always share

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