08 July 2022

Elnusa Encourages Subsidiaries, Increase Asset Management System Competence Towards Level Up

Jakarta, July 08, 2022 – PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa IDX:ELSA) continues to be committed to improving the competence of the Elnusa Group Asset Management System. The Asset Reliability & Productivity Division provides assistance and guidance in formulating policies, planning, implementing, monitoring, and reporting Asset Availability & Readiness including performing maintenance and ensuring Asset Reliability to all Elnusa subsidiaries, in a Knowledge Sharing event on Friday (01/07). ). This was done as a follow-up to the Decree of the Board of Directors No. 010/EN/KPTS/005D/2022 Regarding Organizational Management related to Corporation Management at Elnusa.

Also attending the event were Director of Operations of Elnusa, Charles Harianto Lumbantobing, VP of Asset Reliability and Productivity of Elnusa, Achmad Zaki, Director and Management of Elnusa's Subsidiaries namely, President Director of PT Elnusa Fabrication Construction (EFK), Ari Wijaya, Director of Elnusa Trans Samudera ( ETSA), Didik Purwanto, management representatives of PT Elnusa Petrofin (EPN) and PT Sigma Cipta Utama & PT Patra Nusa Data (SCU & PND).

The event was opened by the Director of Operations of Elnusa, Charles Harianto Lumbantobing, he said that through this program it is hoped that asset management in Elnusa's Subsidiaries can comply with the implementation standards of ISO 55001 concerning Asset Management Systems.

In the event discussing two agendas, the first agenda discussed "How To Improve Your Asset Management" by Elnusa's VP of Asset Reliability and Productivity, Achmad Zaki. The next agenda was "Filling in Self Assessment" and "Developing an Action Plan for the Target Maturity Level to be achieved" by the Asset Integrity Management Team.

Charles added, "The purpose of holding this event is that all participants present are expected to be able to understand the Asset Management System, in addition to being able to conduct Self Assessment to determine the maturity level of each Subsidiary. It doesn't stop there, future participants must also be able to draw up an action plan to reach the Maturity Level in accordance with the predetermined target and be able to present comprehensive & valid Asset List data."

Through this activity, it is hoped that it will become a common forum in responding to the dynamic challenges of asset management in the future at Elnusa Group. This is also the company's efforts towards operational excellence which can ultimately support the company's vision as a leading energy services company that provides total solutions.

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