22 May 2020

Elnusa Distributes 1,500 APD Medical Assistance to the Region Spread in Indonesia

Jakarta, May 22, 2020. In order to ensure the safety of health workers (health workers) on duty at the forefront in handling COVID-19, PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) again took the initiative to channel personal protective equipment (PPE) assistance as well as hand sanitizers towards a row of health facilities (health facilities) ) who treats COVID-19 patients in the territory of Indonesia.

“On this occasion, we signed the APD handover for the second time with Pertamedika in an effort to combat the transmission chain breakdown of COVID-19 (05/18)”. said Director of HR & General – RM Happy Paringhadi.

In the symbolic handover of the APD there was also the Director of Business Development and concurrently the Director of Operations – Arief Riyanto and the President Director of PT Pertamedika – Dr. Fathema Djan. The ceremonials carried out would certainly still follow the rules of the COVID-19 protocol such as wearing a mask and still doing physical distancing.

“To face the difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic, health workers who are on duty at the forefront certainly need help and support from various parties, Elnusa synergizes with health facilities that handle COVID-19 patients to ensure the safety of health workers while serving in the fight against COVID-19 with the use of PPE complete. Hopefully with this support can provide protection to health workers and can decide on the spread of COVID-19 in Indonesia “. Happy Happy.

“Elnusa is currently targeting 22 health facilities that handle COVID-19 patients, the health facilities are divided into 14 Hospitals (RS) and 8 Puskesmas spread across Indonesia. PPE assistance provided in the form of Medical Head Protector, Medical Protective Clothing (Hazmat), Safety Gloves, Face Shield, Safety Goggles, Face Shield, and Shoe Protector. The assistance was distributed in stages and currently 250 PPE have been handed over to the Jabodetabek Regional Hospital and the rest of the total 1500 are still being distributed to hospitals and Puskesmas that handle COVID-19 patients outside Jabodetabek which are located within the scope of ring one Elnusa. ” concluded Happy.

President Director of PT Pertamedika – Dr. Fathema Djan thanked Elnusa for returning her attention to health workers in the midst of this pandemic. Elnusa is the first company that has provided assistance to Pertamedika before COVID-19 became epidemic in Indonesia. This assistance is certainly very meaningful for health workers in the face of COVID-19 “.

Hopefully what has been said by Elnusa can be useful for health workers in the fight against COVID-19.

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