Elnusa Deploys Indonesian-flagged Seismic Ships on the Indochina Peninsula

Jakarta, 25 April 2019 – PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa), a leading company providing energy services, conducted a survey of ocean acquisition data in Vietnam, the Indochina Peninsula. Elsa Regent, an Indonesian-flagged seismic survey vessel, will sail until the end of May 2019 with a total survey track length of 7000 km.

Director of Operations, Arief Riyanto explained that, “It is an honor for us to bring Indonesia’s good name through an oil and gas exploration survey with Elsa Regent which is entirely operated by Indonesians. The client’s trust in the Indochina Peninsula’s seismic survey project is proof of Elnusa’s competence and experience in seismic surveys.”Elsa Regent is currently the most sophisticated seismic ship in Indonesia, headed by 100% male and female Indonesian. Elsa Regent’s advantages compared to other Indonesian flagged seismic vessels are equipped with 12 streamers with a length of each streamer reaching 10 km so it is ideal for conducting seismic survey work in wide and deep ocean areas, capable of producing sub-surface seismic 3D images with very high quality and accuracy high, capable of recording data when turning so that it is time and cost efficient, recording data can be carried out continuously and can produce standard data that can be processed directly.

Since the inaugural voyage at the end of 2016, Elsa Regent has carried out many marine seismic surveys on various blocks in Indonesia, with clients from both domestic and overseas. Previously Elnusa had also completed a seismic survey in the Andaman Sea, which is one of the largest 3D sea seismic projects in Indonesia.

“A lot of experience and the client’s trust in marine seismic services is a testament to the superiority of the services we provide. We believe that with this superiority, Elnusa can support the improvement of national capacity, as well as better oil and gas exploration, “continued Arief.

In a marine seismic survey Elnusa not only has Elsa Regent but the ocean bottom nodes (nodal) which is a seismic survey technology which is able to capture the type of seismic waves from different directions. The addition of this technology is to complement the capabilities of Elnusa in seismic data acquisition services both on land, transition zones and the sea, according to the required data requirements.

More than 49 years, ELNUSA more confident in providing energy services through Total Solution Services. ***