19 November 2022

Elnusa 'CSR Goes to Community' Sharing Knowledge of First Aid and Basic Safety at SMAN 4 Mandau Riau

Jakarta, November 19, 2022 – PT Elnusa Tbk (Elnusa) is a leading energy service company that makes Health Safety Security and Environment (HSSE) a work culture sharing knowledge about first aid and basic safety through the CSR Goes to Community program which was held on Wednesday, 09 November 2022. Taking place in the Hall of SMAN 4 Mandau Riau, the activity was filled by volunteers from Elnusa officers for the community in the school environment around the operational area.

The OM-PHR Project Manager, Indarta Pribadi Muhammad as a representative from Elnusa in his remarks explained a little about Elnusa's position as a Subsidiary of Pertamina.

"Thank you to Elnusa for taking the initiative to provide this very useful knowledge. This activity, of course, opens up a lot and adds insight and knowledge to students, who previously did not know about first aid and this is proof that learning is not only obtained from teachers, but also obtained from institutions like the one carried out by Elnusa," said the Principal of SMAN 4 Mandau, H. Yuliharyoto. S.Pd in ​​his speech.

On the same occasion Elnusa's HSE Officer, Rizky Fachriyan conveyed a glimpse of Elnusa's profile followed by sharing knowledge and experience related to basic safety, while First Aid educational material was delivered by the paramedic team at Dr.Tengku Widya Tri Handayani Hospital, MKM, and Maspal Yoni, SKM from Permata Hati Duri Hospital. In addition to the first aid and basic safety materials delivered, Elnusa also provides ongoing assistance related to cases encountered in the school environment.

Manager of Corporate Communications Elnusa, Jayanty Oktavia Maulina said "CSR goes to Community is a form of implementation and a concrete manifestation of Elnusa's commitment to CSR activities in the education sector which refers to ISO 26000: Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Apart from that, this program is also Elnusa's support for the policy agenda of the Minister of Education and Culture (Mendikbud), namely 'Free Learning, Independent Campus'."

"Hopefully through this program we can further enhance the harmonious relationship between the company and the community accompanied by good company growth, the community around Elnusa's operational area will also grow." Jayanti said.

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